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Scale just go to stamps dot com click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in my heart that stamps dot com click on the Mike and type in high art. weather service of our friends and travel centers of America TA and Petros stopping centers around the country we're full service means at your service. okay so the than the heavier rains and in the northeast tonight that really most of its moved up into its southeastern Michigan you're seeing a lot of rain now lot of rain in the Detroit area this morning so pushing off going to the north these gonna be heading toward Toronto as we progress into what Thursday yeah the line of storms on back to the south and west that little bit of activity through central portions of Illinois this morning nothing heavy. than a break in the action now more showers gonna come together in southwestern or west central portions of Missouri back through much of southern Kansas heaviest rains at this hour from just southwest of Wichita and extend southwest read through the. Texas Oklahoma panhandle region almost over to Amarillo so between Amarillo and Wichita some of the. heavy rains. even at this early morning our. well the heat continues in the south though for those wondering when when is summer going to end. we can see the light at the end of the tunnel this big dome of high pressure that's been in place for such a long time bake in the south. is gonna be begin to break down begins to we can begin to shrink in size and gets beaten down over the weekend as multiple storm systems will be finally pushing some cooler air progressively further to the south. no it's still gonna be hot for a couple more days you got Thursday you got Friday they'll be talking about challenging records once again that have stood for a hundred years. get the combination of the sun the heat humidity the light winds it's gonna feel well a close to a hundred of not higher than one hundred throughout the afternoon today and probably again on Friday. it's gonna be hot it hot Blaina. it's gonna be hot in Birmingham. it's gonna be hard hit in the Carolinas you got Columbia Florence South Carolina Charlotte North Carolina these are all areas that could be challenging daily record highs once again today. and they always dollars take extra effort. if you're gonna be spending pull long time outdoors be sure to take frequent breaks. trying to find an air conditioned building.

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