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Northern California racing nine to five favorite number six here rough passage who has a win in a second last couple tries yeah right passages old entrained by John Martin you transfer a lot of different clients but this one himself and that is our top call here nine to five loses billion town Georgie went down south to tested Delmar and but preserving Ross what they think that the big positive he does the evil works that really put himself out there in need breaks between races that's what he's doing we may and now you're the rate since may twenty fifth but will be coming off a layoff there's a couple good solid work out to keep on going there he was of that scratch June in early June there for a level but now keeps coming back at the same level I think John Martin the source and probably have them fit and ready so he's the top call Aberdeen island is our second pick he's at seven two on the morning line it just won a race that Sacramento here eight days ago and that works showed a lot of speed a pleasant and then you turn around and won the race that documental eight days ago with a good figure and keeps one Hernandez will settle that's our second call and then a new trend John F. Martin other other trainee in here number two is our third pick so we went but on the pick for we actually just use the Xbox left off or third pick what is gonna go six five and then we put two for thirty if you're doing any exotic but just looking forward to leaving out but you all right movie on the race number for an eight way sun D. card and cal expo after today racing resumes on Thursdays at Thursday to Sunday schedule with del Mar a Wednesday through Sunday schedule post time on Fridays for del Mar as four o'clock moving on to the fourth race so we have a couple close ones here hold my hoops at nine to five that's number six and number two two bears at two to one yeah only this is gonna be our best bet of the day I really like the placement here Quinn how he is just on and been on fire with the summer here and household my groups in here with Frank our out of getting the call he he won with their in late may at the Golden Gate going five for long then jumped are up significantly at Pleasanton sure in a strong second that they were behind the winner that ran a really big figure over second that they would win almost any rate at this level today so that was a good one and he jumped up yet again at Sacramento just one week ago she came up with a good third in a really strong field cheese cheese and really good form here he is dropping her back down the five thousand but I'm not concerned by that she's rate lower than that and one lower than that I think he just kind of putting or an actual spot where she's going to be really well Quinn Halle down to plus class as a trainer he's batting fifty percent five or ten wins when doing that and in Frank our other one one of their last three thirty three percent so really love hold my groups in this spot the work over they are the best speed in the race to bears will think hold my hoof we'll just stop to bears and take over at that point but we're at six to one with G. street picking up some people lose well inmates number find today have Kona coast as a big favorite at eight to five yeah call the coast was the top call here eight I really is coming out of it he rapes and will test that later in the day but we gave out at a free pick on our email yesterday that will the just finished just confirm Kona coast in next the last position it came back to step up and when an allowance race the chronicles actually in his last start was the favored in what is turning out to be a key race some of the start kinda never had a chance but still ran well enough to catch the eye use only beaten five and a half and that race a lot like I said very produce the horses step up and one allowing the network news well beaten along with Kanako so the coast the race before that the figures would rank him at the horse to beat in here I think all you have to do is step back to that rate and he'll he'll be able to handle this field you know top trainer Jonathan long handled him but I think it's called a close race to lose number six were medium price played here pampers and number two papers in boot he jumped up of his confidence level there to twenty thousand and stocked up faster pace than he really has been able to handle and also got a white trip so now he's dropping back to the twelve five level prison due to run a much better rate and then Midvale magic and a good third of Pleasanton last time with improved figured he was turning back into them thank you runs well again here SO four six two three here in the fifth hi moving on the number of race number six up at cal expo in Sacramento first post one forty five big carryover today there exceeding and for the pick six jackpot we're looking at a carryover of two hundred and thirty five thousand moving on to race number six it looks like cartoonist at five two two and also my silver at three to one the card is we're talking about that he raised that was already produced an act that winner will cartoons was the winner of that race and here he comes back again looks like he's still a really sharp form here but cartoonist who the winner that rate the plans and it's looking like it's going to turn into a key one cartoonist it can be pushed the paper there took over and one clear he has shown the ability to do that you know do that two or three races in a row so the big effort last time with a big figure he's shown the ability to string two or three of us together and I think he does it again here SO cartoonist looks very good here five to two the number two hot encounter was our second call you six to one a little bit better value and probably going to run a good one here from bill Delia and Catalina Martinez off the lay out there making their second start up the layoffs and are dropping down from twenty five thousand a pleasant and fill out a counter there's some past figured that really point him as a contender so he's going to be the second call in an awesome store coming out of the same spot in counter race finished just a half length ahead of hiding counter last time but we think with the second time improvement off the layout putting cameras going to turn the tables there but both should run one of the worst six two five here in in the fixed rate movie on the race number seven we have on the rail doctor hand it to one and then number five Brianna at nine to five yeah doctor held up a career high figure she set the pace and you off with a strong figure it pleasant in in the first week and then the second place finisher actually came back to validate that beat the boys at the same star allowable really strong level out of Dr and that day and there's no reason to think she's not gonna run well again the only thing is there's a lot more speeding here today that the field let her at our own pace last time she responded and really ran that big figure but today there's there's at least two or three that like to push that kind of a page and I also want the fame style doctor and the doctor may not have things our own way here and I like five Riana as the top call nine to five number five again at the John F. Martin trainee she's coming up on may lay off but she the ticket window fifteen thirty one three over six starts this year he's in sharp form he'd been five or six million back to and I think she should just really relish the thought of that she's going to get a primer with the pace of doctor and possibly getting heated up even more by number four check six the number three office checks though we were five that Brianna over doctor and we should still win that battle and do some damage here but I think they realize going to really enjoy that in an account on the case when she needs it the one Hernandez should have a good day today if we're correct and be able to take over speed Dr rand should hold on second and then office check coming I will close and generate with a pretty good figure there we held her in third so five one three seven three and we wrap it up with the eighth and final and Sacramento and we have a snow feather number three a two to one and Kay has Zel number six at five two two yes No color number three first time telling her close to Lima trainer in his eighties who filled you know one of the well a higher percentage guys out at you know Golden Gate and now on the circuit so he he only entering this one for his wife and they bred the course like they've they've given it a year off but it looks like they have that works back to where they need it it's it's it's really working well in the morning and whenever I see a long layoff laid out the plat number whenever I see a big break like that I I popped out the last race before the layoff because obviously that led to some kind of a vacation for the horse if you go back to either the previous two if you've got the best seat in this rate by far so turning for home I think it's gonna be all no further and then it it doesn't really look like there's gonna be much with chasing him from behind so I like snow feather number three to end the day with over the number six Campbell another person gelling and then a long shot playing here that might pick up people and hit the try an understudy back to sports is number one unplayable eight to one making her start in the local area trainer running MSQ up though we're three six one but it looks like no further will have probably a great chance to break his maiden today and in the day when our course do you have a best bet you lie down at del Mar today I did in the in the first trailer del Mar all right let's go six and a half furlongs yeah I like the number five sole owner of five issue for Dan Belvoir in the apprentice he is going to six and a half and should be right there on the speed the entire trip so five it to you the loaner number five in the first rate over the thick the hawk wave and the four trapper peak analytics for Britain the first rate the del Mar all right well thanks for being with this matter and we do like your new format check it out speed vehicle use dot com with their new format.

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