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I get a dozen other questions. But i'm gonna hold those for open panel here roberts like hello so angeles so how would how would people find out about Book logics be. Oh okay l. o. G. axs dot com awesome easy enough and we'll post that as well as all your social media handles. They're looking for all book logic as well. All right so hold tight. Maybe make a couple of notes You might have for for robin our next section here We'll open it up. But i so rob as we mentioned and as you heard. He's not only a an author of four time author but also speaker Seminars coaching copywriting. you've had a very Luxurious career background. Here we you mentioned about content innovation innovation is like in business specifically. You've got to be aware of that because otherwise you're going to be left behind disrupted in right you just and it's happening in real time. Well you've heard the term creative destruction before it was a term coined by joseph trumpeter back in the nineteen forties and basically what he was saying with that term. Was that you know the new technology is gonna make old technology obsolete you know. Obviously the car made the horse and carriage and we see this all the time in front of us constantly going on and so creative destruction is like a steamroller without a driver heading right towards your business and there's nothing you can do about it you can. You can prepare but there's nothing you can you don't know where they're gonna hit you and how it may not be your primary business it may be. There's a shift in the change of marketing or there may be some other type of shift in some demographic of your customer. You never really know how it's going to hit you and you just have to be prepared by being open to change. You have to always be flexible and being learning to be adaptable and learning to And so this is what i like to do is teach people how to be prepared Not just for creative destruction but for formulating new ideas for the company for Solving.

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