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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman six states held presidential contest on Tuesday and Joe Biden has won four of the democratic primaries they include Michigan Idaho Mississippi and Missouri Biden is virtually tied in Washington state with Bernie Sanders and Sanders appears to be leading and results from the North Dakota caucuses that hasn't been called yet Biden flipped states that Sanders carried in twenty sixteen such as Michigan from member station KCUR Frank Morris reports Biden also flipped misery button seems to one Missouri pretty much the way succeeded in other midwestern states by carrying the overwhelming majority of black voters and a solid majority of whites including groups that backed Bernie Sanders four years ago Sanders when the most support from younger voters misery but turnout among that group wasn't especially high Frank Morris reporting president trump has won the Republican contests held on Tuesday trump's campaign has announced that it will hold an event next week in Milwaukee Wisconsin even as public health officials tell organizers to think about canceling events they want to stop the spread of the corona virus NPR's Tamera Keith reports the trump event won't be a full scale rally trump is set to attend the launch of Catholics for trump which according to the campaign will bring together Catholics from across the nation who support president trump's reelection it's not clear how large it will be this comes as the coronavirus task force put out guidelines saying in areas with minimal to moderate transmission community organizations should consider cancelling large gatherings of two hundred and fifty people or more and individual should limit nonessential travel the Democratic Party announced that a debate scheduled for this weekend will move ahead without a live in person audience or press filing center in spin room Tamar Keith NPR news both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders canceled rally on Tuesday night in Ohio after the big Tuesday votes in response to virus worries Biden spoke to a smaller group in Philadelphia instead Sanders chose not to make a public statement Afghan president Ashraf Ghani has signed a decree to begin releasing Taliban prisoners this Saturday Jennifer glasse reports from Kabul the Taliban are demanding this before they'll start negotiating with Afghan officials under the presidential decree the Afghan government will begin freeing Taliban prisoners on Saturday a hundred a day for fifteen days they will be biometrically verified and must sign a pledge not to return to the battlefield if talks with the Taliban proceed and the group continues to reduce violence and the government will release five hundred prisoners every two weeks the Taliban had demanded the release of five thousand before talks can begin the US special envoy has urged the two sides to discuss this further in Doha the U. S. had agreed a prisoner release in his deal with the Taliban even though the Afghan government wasn't part of those talks and the detainees are in their custody Jennifer glasse reporting this is NPR T. in your good morning I'm Richard hake six oh four forty eight degrees the fair skies right now increasing clouds today with a high near fifty six degrees the federal government is advising nursing homes to prohibit visitors if the cold with nineteen has spread WMI see Cindy Rodriguez says some families have been told they can't visit friends and relatives one woman said she was turned away from northern Manhattan nursing home in Harlem where she went to visit a friend who had a stroke and can't speak others have called Richard moments from the long term care community coalition he says he understands the intent of having no visitors but he says there should be leeway for certain situations such as what if you're in hospice and you're not able to see a loved one at the end of your life well that is you know that that's breathtakingly sat the federal guidelines encourage nursing homes to set up video communication and assigned one staff member to take calls from families homeless shelters many of which put individuals in close contact with one another have received guidelines from New York City and how to contain the virus W. M. as his moral Iraq has that the city is instructed to shelter providers to ask clients if they have a fever or cough if they do staff members are supposed to provide our clients with face masks to keep them from infecting others into call nine one one Kevin Tapani is executive director at homeless services United which represents shelter operators our first line of defense is really identification greening and triage to appropriate treatment for anyone who is sick so that everyone in our dorms with well can stay well and remain safe she says there aren't any known cases of code nineteen in shelters yet this call watchdogs say state governments in the region should brace for a drop in tax receipts due to the fallout from the virus but as W. M. as his friend mobile reports most of their rainy day funds aren't ready for the decline the financial cost of fighting the outbreak is modest compared to the cost of lost tax revenue from travel tourism in the retail sector and while that decline will surely hurt state coffers an even bigger hit looms if financial markets continue to tumble states in this region especially New York rely heavily on taxes from wealthy residents and their investments to ride out market down turns experts say states should hold about sixteen percent of expenditures and reserve Connecticut almost meets that with fifteen percent but New York has about three percent in New Jersey just one percent with a little help from these rainy day funds to close budget gaps there could be deep cuts in education and health care spending and a slowdown in construction projects it's forty degrees with fair skies right now in New York City we do expect increasing cloudiness today with a high near fifty six degrees tonight mostly cloudy lows around forty and then tomorrow Thursday partly sunny with a high near fifty one degrees forty degrees fair skies in New York support for NPR R. comes from Charles Schwab Schwab believes a modern approach to wealth management starts with asking questions Charles Schwab own your tomorrow learn more at Schwab dot com of the next fresh air New York times reporter Ben Hubbard author of a new book about Saudi Arabia's young enigmatic leader crown prince Mohammed bin Salman he ended a ban on women driving.

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