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At either the inside or outside backer position Well, and so let me ask you about that for a second, because when you have a guy that first ball came in the league is an outside linebacker. He's a pass rusher is that he should be outside back. But you have a banjo up there saying, Hey, I think he could be. I think he could be an inside linebacker. And we saw this with DeMarcus Walker, for example. You sort of stunt the growth of both right if you're trying to. You're trying to move him around. Maybe he's just not a guy that could do that now, Cally Trow. Your right can do. A little bit of all of those things is good. Special teams player Broncos, like you said, try to put two claims in on him before before. Think Seattle in Jacksonville got him since he's sorry sensing in Jacksonville, right? But but to that point Yeah. Justin Holland. I mean that you're moving on from a s 1/5 rounder from last year. I guess it's not that big a light. I thought he showed up a few times during camp. He did, but he didn't do enough. He could definitely be the one. He wasn't unseating. Malik really wasn't unseating Jerry attached. There's no question about that. And you know he didn't do it enough it inside backer. The experiment there was with his height to try to take away that bucket. Throw over the top of Tampa, too, you know. But it just He just couldn't do it. He couldn't be the guy. So you know if you're not a natural inside back, or you know the hips to go away from the ball, and then you know, they put you back on the outside you and you're the fifth guy that puts your product's got tusks Still, you know, we're not even mentioning He's gonna get the practice squad. Yeah, make it. Hollis back on. The squad saw the comments from big fans yesterday on Derek Tuscan, right? He's a practice. Well, OK, Yeah, So it's it's It's just It's interesting to watch this shake out and I, You know, I'm instantly got hit up with calls about people looking about Thie Myles Jack. Who you know Jackson was kind of looking to unload from. I was told by a source that the Broncos or not In that race. I'm working to confirm somebody else just to kind of get it confirmed, But I was told that they're not. That's not a pursuit because this is a little bit of a tough thing for me, even because we you and I, as intelligent people, I like to believe we are Can both acknowledged that the Broncos on defense or worse off without Todd Davis there? Yeah. You lose some institutional knowledge. You know, you lose a guy who gets everybody lined up. You know, I was kind of the quarterback of the defense. Did you need the cap savings that much? I don't know if you need it that much. But I got a little conspiracy theory on what they're doing with the with the Kashmiris will get into that. Well, we got CJ Nice. We'll get into that in the what the third segment. You got I have. I love a good conspiracy conspiracy theory on what they're doing with this this cap money stuff that people are all upset that they got 30 million in space. Let me tell you, they're actually being smart about it. I'll tell you how When we get in that third segment, we talk CJ. Okay, well again, that is the big story for today, Especially here in Broncos country is that Todd Davis was released a little bit of a surprise. But again if you follow the money if you follow the situation There are some reasons why it was telegraphed it just a little bit. But, yes, they made a trade today. Acquiring Austin. Cally Trow. They traded Christian Covington to that was the Bengals. Right? So that was the only movie any other moves. Come down. The pike will obviously let you know this is Away news radio and home of the I. Heart radio APP Check traffic, though John Morrissey right now it's a man. It is jammed up solid. The roads were just awful this afternoon. No matter where you want to go, let's start on 2 to 5 that's backed up solid from Mississippi. Down to I 25 crashing Tamarack and now a wreck on the big fly over ramp from Parker wrote from North Found Parker onto South out 2 to 5 double trouble. They're actually triple trouble because you look down Parker Road, There's aggression nor Pound Parker at orchards. Got you back to back to a Chapo coming out of downtown South found Ah, stall on south tonight. 25 University has got you heavy from six to have you from the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center. They clear the crash in the Gap project You're still having from tomorrow, down to Greenland and speaking heavy traffic. Both I 70 and 2 85 jammed up solid. See, Dad says it's a two hour drive from C 4 70 just to get To the Eisenhower Johnson tunnels and.

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