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F. M. Pollock pines from ABC news Dave Packard president trump surveying damage from this week's tornadoes in Tennessee walking a block where homes were leveled wreckage strewn telling survivors I love them I love them very much that's why I'm here the president now off to Atlanta where he'll visit the CDC for an update on the corona virus earlier this morning president trump authorizing over eight billion dollars in federal aid to fight the outbreak in Washington state which reported the first U. S. coronavirus deaths governor Jay Inslee saying he's thankful for the aid package we know that the the first potential victims of this virus are are elderly and those who are medically compromised so we are standing up a separate incident command post in the in the structure to specifically be of assistance to long term care facilities now we've been hearing of new presumptive cases all day today one now in Nevada fifty year old man linked to the grand princess cruise ship outbreak in New York in terms of new cases yesterday we had twenty two cases today we have thirty three cases governor Andrew Cuomo and now the largest union of federal workers calling on the White House to allow government agencies to start approving employees to telework immediately senator Bernie Sanders responding to an incident at his rally in Phoenix Arizona last night concerning a **** swastika that a man briefly displayed there Sanders today saying he didn't realize what had happened until after the incident was over but he condemned the incident it is beyond disgusting to see that in the United States of America there are people who would show the emblem of Hitler and Nazism all in all I was I was shocked to learn about that Sanders thinking local law enforcement for how they handled the episode Ohio State University reaching an unspecified settlement today with nearly half the men alleging decades long sex abuse by a team doctor another down day on Wall Street the Dow right now off eight hundred twenty five points you're listening to ABC news and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK good afternoon twelve all too I'm Dana has with your top local stories well dozens of people quarantined on a cruise ship off the California coast are showing symptoms of the corona virus president trump said he's working with governor Newsom on how to handle the ship to the governor if only if you have an issue with your conversation with roles working on the ship together is close to five thousand people so the ship we do testing on the grand princess has been Dr block rather from docking in San Francisco after person who disembarked here in California after cruise to Mexico died from the respiratory illness that was a man from Rockland another passenger got office tested positive for covert nineteen more than three thousand passengers currently on the ship and all will be tested with the results back possibly as early as today more than a dozen people have been arrested after police served a search warrant on a Roseville home the bust happened along maple creek drive yesterday morning as well police say the home had been flagged as a nuisance property fifteen people were taken into custody police report that thirteen people are facing drug charges and the woman who inspired Rosie the riveter has died Rosalyn Walter worked on the night shift driving rivets into the metal bodies of fighter planes in Connecticut during World War two journalists wrote a column that led to a nineteen forty two songs later alleged there's something cool about the traffic.

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