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Res- Manager Committee Council Budget Right now the Russians are occupying as could just recap Russia literally walked into areas of Syria that the US was controlling and patrolling just a few days ago and they've now been we help take them over because Russia is so close with Sharla Saad of Syria and without the US being there anymore Russia has free rein over that area exactly right and that brings us to the second prediction which is that this would be really really good for Bishara Saad so Michael that Assad in twenty eleven thought he probably wouldn't get out of Syria live then for a long time people said well his country he's GonNa fracture he's going to hold onto those small parts of the country where his political party and his ethnic group basically controls all but the rest of the place is going to break away or wants the Russians came in in two thousand fifteen Assad actually was able to spread his wings region gained control except in this one area in this one part near critical oil supplies near lot of the other wealth that he needs for his regime that was being controlled by the Kurds and the Kurds were backed by the Americans and the only thing standing between Assad and controlling this area was the fact that he would have to go take on the American gins who were in the region even though it was a very small number so what exactly did Assad do once the US pulls back from this part of at the request of Turkey well he moved to get his country back he literally streams troops into the region rolling in to a hero's welcome on top and then because the courage realized they've got no one else to turn to they flip and join up with ASSADS forces in facing off with Turkey those Kurdish forces are going to partner with the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad this was brokered by the Russians all day literally change dances within a few days so suddenly the force that he was fighting is on his side and Bachar Assad gets to make the rules it's about who's GonNa live there and where and when and who will control the oil so all of a sudden Assad has gone from having what is eventually been a rebel controlled region to having the rebels rely on him for support that's kind of astonishing it couldn't have worked out editor for Bashar Assad if he had called a national security meeting and said to his generals give me blue sky of what's the best the US just up and left and that of course turned what had been just a festering political issue in two his Great Opportunity Okay Stephen What's our next prediction that king drew well a lot of people in wash nineteen said this'll help the Iranians the one country that Donald Trump most despises the one he most wants to crush with sanctions the one who he's worried about the most gaining influence in the region yeah so how is it helping ron it's helping Iran because their ally Assad gains power and territory and the United States ends up pulling back so what was an opportunity to go keep an eye on the Iranians and perhaps push back on their influence inside Syria that leverage is all gone right the other thing it does for Ron of course is they use Syria as a pathway to get weapons to Hezbollah a terrorist group that's threatening Israel among others news now those weapons didn't run through the Kurdish territory but certainly if the United States is pulling back and is no longer going to be a presence in the country the Iranians have to take that as one less toll on the highway and so in that way president trump's decision here may mean in life more difficult and more dangerous for one of our allies Israel that's right the ally he talks the most about defending now let's not overestimate eight this because there were vast parts of Syria that Iran had free rein in before this happened but certainly the image of the the United States and not having the stomach to keep a really small investment inside Syria sends a message to Toronto rings lab unclear is a psychological element to this the Middle East is all about power and if you were detected to be weak others going to go make move so for all the United States has done to make life miserable for Iran sanctions sabotage side Robert Tax the one thing they do with a physical military presence is they pick up and they hold back from contested territory signal weakness they signal that they can be taken.

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