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But I've got to get this out. This is just gnawing at me. It's just eating me away. I was super bloody nervous. Really, really, really. I'm so freaked out about this agent rapha thing. I kind of felt that if rapha started a wooby, we'd know. We'd know Dave, we'd know that he still works for them, but he didn't. He's too smart, that double agent, Liverpool. Huge respect, actually failed in the strong side. There will be derbies I imagine in the future when Liverpool kind of roll out their carabao cup side was united used to do to us in their poem. They play there. They're lesser players. It was deeply humiliating. And Jürgen Klopp talking about how it would be difficult for Virgil Van Dyke to forget what happened to him on his last visit to Goodison Park for the Merseyside Derby, which caused one of Tony into tweet. God, it was a goodness and Derby. It wasn't a tour of Vietnam for God's sake, but it was all super heightened. And it will admit, I was so confused in that pre match handshake davo, where former Liverpool manager, Rafa Benitez, shook hands with what I hope his future ever to manager, Jürgen Klopp, it was just too many wheels that have been wheels, too many layers, David. Yeah, it was tough to deconstruct. And then it wasn't tough to deconstruct from kick-off Everton. It just couldn't compute Liverpool speed, the movement they're passing. Honestly, it could have been two now inside two minutes. My teeth sour missed chances when it would have been easier to school up or too quick too smart to bloody good at football. And then the tenth minute, it happened. It was almost a relief David on the football score. And I've got to be honest. Yeah. Now I have to admit, rod, I only watch the goals in highlights quickly before we went because I was taping jeopardy during both games, but in this game. Which jeopardy. What's jeopardy? Jeopardy is a television question. I didn't know anything existed outside of the football. Let me tell you why. You just want me to have to tell you what happened Manet slipped in robo robo said. Who half rhymes with my surname? Hendo. And they've just rushed to the left of the day. He'd been denied a bloody winner in the last game by this time he wouldn't be denied the ball came out fantastic finish, just the way Arctic menacingly lethal. He clinically bonus for Liverpool fans, the face plant by our landers the ball went in and the cytokine punching the air, catching Benitez his eye and stopping mid punch. Which somehow made it feel all the bloody worse I do know what jeopardy is. It's a thing that raph is jobs in. Oprah always says, turn your wounds into wisdom Everton. Just seem to turn their wounds into more wounds, Dave. And sick of me because Liverpool won't even play that well. They made so many mistakes across the backline, but there was still utterly. The strewing is evidence try to push forward, bless the Maori, didn't know how doom we were. No one had told him he kept trying what was wrong. Why are you trying tomorrow? It's all in vain. But the more we push the more we love space and if you saw the highlight today, though, you will have seen this sell like goal. And I screamed at my television. By the way, I knew we'd scored the second hendo pass in the book. I screamed at the television. It's like a car crash wasn't a goal. It was a car crash. You could see coming a mile away, but were powerless to stop. What a finish. He is fleet of foot. It's a blur sometimes. It's tough watching him in live action. You almost have to wait for the replay always to see what really happened. One of those old 1970 sped up car chases in the French connection. It's amazing the finish the way he opened his body the way he curled the ball into the net at this point, two no down, I'm like Natalie and brugler. How a faith this is how I feel I'm cold and I'm shamed I'm lying. Naked on the floor. Do you watch me? And wonder what Chelsea would be like if you'd only kept him. It would be good. Would be really good. You'll be good. Yeah, but it'd be good. But I wonder if this is good. Would mow have developed into the player that he became by leaving Chelsea? By leaving Marino at that point, the hero's journey. I mean, you can't be hypothetical about a history Rodgers really the answer but goodness and became a cauldron of Hesse's and booze, the Liverpool fan singing rapper's name. I felt so defeated in this moment. But the game changed briefly, Liverpool and Everton to turn the game into a bit of a dark art scrap. It was hand to hand stuff. And it just broke up, Liverpool's flowing play. I think in the military, they call it a regular warfare. And that really muted Liverpool's menace for a spell even Rondon certainly was up for it. It was like seeing an old grandpa and they leap out of his chair where he's not moved for 40 years and say I can walk, I can walk I can play football and out of nowhere Everton drag themselves off the cliff edge where we've been hanging precariously rituals and kill the pass towards demari gray who held off trend Alexander Arnold. It doesn't do the defending. And thrashed the ball through, Allison, I was stunned just like stunned. You know, on one hand, Liverpool could have been 5 one up at halftime. On the other, as at same old voles reminded me old dad's adage, it only takes a second to score a goal. So the beginning of the second half, they've Everton went for it. And I did let myself begin to hope. I did. I did. And the question is, why? What body of evidence.

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