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All the way through the sixty seventies I've been through it, all with the cops that being said Kyle Schwarzer was. Involved last night in the homerun derby he is a outfielder for the Chicago Cubs who's known for hitting the double. Play striking out and hitting home runs those are the three things we know about Schwartz Because the contest wasn't hit into a double. Play contests because he would have won that one Homerun. Derby so Kyle muscled up and got into the final round against. Bryce Harper yeah Bryce Harper's. The hometown hero there in Washington DC's a member of the nationals a big crowd on hand everybody's roaring Any. He to Guy Moorland. Yet I don't even know if the pitch before land. This there's two arguments. Here one is that karnal Schwimmer hit more cub, fan says, couch Wilbur hit more home, runs therefore Kyle or should be the. Champion you mean hit through three rounds Moreover defense than anyone, else that's not the format that's not the format no and so they're bitching about, this on Facebook last. Night I can't believe I mean you know the real. Winners Kyle's Forber he. Hit more homework no he isn't this gets back, to the, election Hillary Clinton clearly more, people wanted Hillary Clinton to be president. Of change the rules then idiot Stop complaining about how the game is set up and, chain, if you don't like. It change it wow right to your Commissioner. Of. Baseball right two year whomever says change change them go. Home to mommy. Right here, but here are the rules here's what here's the game here's. How, the format. Set up now the other argument, is this k- you're not supposed to pitch to the batter until the previous ball has landed So you, can't fire him on the. Books on the books so. The complaint from cub fan today. Is, that Bryce Harper's ball had not landed therefore he shouldn't have been allowed to hit another one three three times This happened according, to, cub fan Well it's easy to review that why. We go back and watch it Anybody reviewing anything, do instant replay at a homerun derby that spirit of it right now. But you'd see this is this. Is the stuff you gotta deal with sometimes the footage exists real quick. Can. I, do some Craig takes Scott. Has been on the whole show absolutely Takes jump right in here on prime did prime, day and, the whole website, crashed as we all know and, the Craig take is that. Puppies can, be stupid over time eventually. Puppy photos can become they can make you mad, because Amazon every time it would crash. It was the photo of the puppy and it. Said we're sorry had the hoops. Something. Bad happened. In the throat a photo of. A puppy. And honestly, they didn't have enough variety they only had like, four puppies that rotated. Through but I. Didn't know it until yesterday I can be made angrier. By puppy photos overtime there is some sort. Of here okay I understand also it is national emoji, day, oh yeah apple released seventy new emojis today to seventy. Two, holiday Craig's take? Emojis are stupid, they're so dumb I don't understand why, people need to use a geez, we don't call each other on the phone we have to text and. Now we don't even say words. We use emojis and none of them make any sense hey you know. What This is. An interesting part because someone posted. On. Facebook page. Just a blue heart the other. Day what. Does that, mean no okay one of the new emojis is. A Red Lobster in. What world do. I need to send someone is there any situation where. I have to send you a lobster I. Don't know what the I'm just trying to get past, the, blue heart I can't there is a peach emoji now. There's, fun emojis falls The. Desert flan Flon. Whatever yeah So yeah that's, an. Emoji Use emojis She's gonna text me the. Flat emoji I don't think she needs to, do it but she, used seven four, letter word the amount of time, she saved there's. A peacock there's. A kangaroo there's a parrot. Emoji stop but when she send you to Barry white one with fire at the end, of it does that mean? A little maybe some, that one I'm okay with And the one. Last one in Wisconsin a woman was riding, a bicycle at night, a bridge starts, Gopi a video on our Facebook, page go to..

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