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You can take your phone into them and say Hey something's going on each other and they can scan your phones with a four year as a last resort you can always factor defaulted back into this we store your contacts in the backup that's okay let some you wanna may look at into I want to give me a point where we just are doing that every like few months just because well speeds up the phone but also because you don't know what you could you've got on there that's exactly right down to it there are times where you know long as you use your cloud services or your other things application that you might have to back to Houston to important to your photos your contacts whatever back is up and it doesn't hurt to stress webpages looking computer after a year with a brand new computer and things don't slow and his new one I think we just kind of clean it up but refresh it'll be it'll be back to normal and cell phones are no different nights you can do a factory reset on it now you probably got to put all your apps back on there I think right now but yeah but depending on which one you have apple or enjoyed you know if you use the proper functions once you restore it and enjoy and you type your email address second year for which you have to do anyway it'll start restoring order out for you it'll restore your contacts in the photos that you've backed up to the to the Google cloud and or the apple cultural you can make a fairly automated process if you wanted to if you go to one of the stores for your cellular carrier can do that function for you with a can back up stuff like that we still are not take too long doing it so the end of your process anymore as it used to be but it certainly is well worth it to just kind of pay attention yeah which is why you want stuff back up in the cloud to for that if it ever reasons makes it easier and it's been a maybe a routine thing yeah I know my flip phones getting slow it's because like three years old so maybe maybe this week I'm gonna be doing that thank because you never know because that Saudi crown prince could be after after me and then he's gonna see all sorts of pictures on my phone about like you know water heater parts in plumbing electrical and all that boring stuff so I'm sure has going today taking over as all right so well there you go everything you need to know about this crazy case day thanks again buddy appreciate you've got the a podcast as well I heart radio thanks running with it the well buddy it is a real it's a it's it's it's a story it's a I see this movie Harrison Ford right so the CEO of Amazon his phone is hacked by the Saudi crown prince because Jeff pays us one of his business interests is a Washington post jamarcus shaggy the journals was killed over two years ago in an assassination by the Saudi crown prince and so the prince's with head bays of Hey let's talk okay let's say we want change information let's see here just download what sap I'll send you the link and it's an encrypted message service so no one can see what we're talking about because I'm a prince in Europe the head of Amazon when I wanna conversations go yeah yeah click on the link in a small where and then they take pictures of him in his side piece and give it to the national Enquirer to critics crazy at a we heard what cemented it for me I was sub videa flipping around last night in the the story was on this I said I can get David this is amazing story is the guy who's denying it the spokesperson for the Saudi government that Saudi crown or it's he looks like a cross between Freddie Mercury and the bad guy from the first Charlie's angels movie and you look at the guy go he just let you looks like a villain of central kit is a move well your guy got no we had nothing to do with this is absolutely not go I don't think that that's the guy you want the aide telling the world that we had nothing to do with it because you look like the kind of guy they would pay to tell the world you have nothing to do it and you're the guy that had ever you're not really going to get a guy get get a I don't know yeah Joe Biden looking guy for example Hey look at me go yeah okay I mean I could see a party older guy you know you gotta get out of the you gotta play the right role this guy sort I gotta get you couldn't get a war spokesperson for the dude it's like what was the guy's name in our the the chemical get member chemical not Baghdad Bob was a Baghdad Bob I think Baghdad Bob was the was the P. R. piece for the government there and it was just terrible at his job too as well but anyway a quick time out we.

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