President Trump, Bob Congressman Andy Biggs, Arizona discussed on Michael Wallace and Steve Scott


Gateway airport in Mesa here. It live on KTAR last night's rally offered a taste of what's ahead tonight. When the president blamed Democrats for what he called the illegal immigration onslaught at the border. They also figure everybody coming in vote democrat and ahead of the Mesa rally. The president will visit Luke air force base this afternoon. We'll spend the night in the valley before air force. One takes them to Elkin Nevada tomorrow in Scottsdale. Jim cross KTAR news Zona votes in Arizona. Republican up for re election will be in the spotlight at tonight's rally with President Trump in Mesa KTAR's, Jeremy foster joins us live then Bob congressman Andy Biggs told Arizona's morning news today. He'll focus on the positives of the Trump administration. When he gets the Mike tonight. We're basically at full employment for the first time in fifty years. The tax plan the redirect relation. Why we need to keep Republicans in office. Biggs also hopeful the president's visit tonight, we'll seal the deal for Martha mcsally and Jerez with Kirsten cinema for Arizona's soon to open Senate seat live in the news center. Jeremy foster KTAR news Arizona's votes, Republican strategist and president of higher ground consultants. Chuck Coughlin says he's not surprised that the race between Senate candidates, Martha mcsally and Kirstin cinema is so close there's a bigger portion of the electorate that's unaffiliated right now that doesn't tend to associate with either party. And then you have Republican women they think through their ballots conflict tells KTAR Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes that we're going through an electorate change with a shifting demographic. Some people have been calling for this to happen after last night's embarrassing forty five to ten loss to the Denver Broncos. And now it has the cardinals have fired offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy quarterbacks coach Byron left, which will take McCoy. Place now for a check on traffic. Here's Dani Sullivan live from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center, your freeways, look, pretty good. So let's head onto your surface streets because you do have a different area of construction going on right now and do that southern is closed between Meridian and Delaware. You can stick with baseline or Broadway as an alternate. Now. You also have a new accident on southern it's just west of Stapley involving a pedestrian and a.

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