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The World Trade Center. I lost hundreds of friends the World Trade Center came down. You know, what's amazing for the entire eight years of the war criminal, George W Bush's miserable presidency. I said the same thing he didn't keep us safe. The World Trade Center came down on his watch. And for that you called me anti-american, an unpaid cryonic, and yet when Trump says the exact same thing, he becomes your messiah rampant wreaking Republican hypocrisy. And the first obvious thing you noticed in that clip, not one sign of grief from Trump. He wasn't speaking on behalf of any nine eleven eleven victims, his voice didn't rise out of grief or pain. He was exploiting nine eleven to pummel an opponent. And after that outburst. Republican congressman Peter King said quote, Trump was like a drunken uncle at a party, and quote, except clump doesn't drink. He doesn't have to. He's intoxicated with himself. And Secondly, of course, he's lying. He did not lose hundreds of friends on nine eleven firstly. Trump doesn't have hundreds of friends he has he has fixers he has accomplices. But as those of us who knew all along had reaffirmed last week with Bob Woodward's book and the op Ed in the New York Times, Donald Trump has very few friends and second guess how many funerals of the hundreds of friends he lost on seven eleven. He attended not one even though the FDI fire department of New York itself lost so many members three hundred and forty three that it worried. It might not be able to fill, sir. Services. And so asked the public to attend many of those funerals were held at the Saint Patrick's cathedral just moments away from Trump's home. He didn't go to any of them Rudy Guliani, dude. And at the funeral of captain Terence Hatton who was married to Guliani executive assistant assistant Rudy gave a tender eulogy calling hat, the kind of man, he would want his son to become, but that was then long before Guliani traded his status as America's mayor to that of Trump's stooge to the point that during the campaign Guliani uttered such ridiculous lies as this one. By the way, under those eight years before Obama came along we didn't have any successful, radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States. They all started Clinton and Obama got into office. You know of all the people in this entire world. Who knows that's a lie no-one perhaps knows it better than Rudy Guliani, and who could have imagined that the same person who spoke so eloquently at nine eleven funerals would someday down the road support and lie for someone who sought to elevate himself by lying about nine eleven Rudy. We hardly knew ya. But at least he made sure to include the anti Muslim radical Islamic terrorism dog whistle. Another person who actually lost a good friend on nine eleven was Hillary Clinton F D N Y chaplain. Michael judge they became close during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Hillary gave judge more than one tour of the White House at judge's request. And was asked by judges family to speak at his funeral which she did and eloquently. Trump on the other hand didn't speak at one funeral or one memorial service. Now, Trump did venture at least onto the streets of New York somewhere near ground zero a couple of days after the attack. He did an interview with a German television station whereupon he told them he had been to ground zero which he hadn't and then proceeded to.

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