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Your bladder days the job, I know that. The one, you know, dusk. Okay. This is the John they used to come for a treatment. And you take ten minutes, and you go to Macy's and buy a suit or spark goes, I know that. Can't tell what it's like you had cancer your bladder. They're gonna cut out your bladder. Other story. I don't want to tell you a story you tell the story. Thank you. Well, I I will note that after I got done with would a surgeon over it dot say where we don't wanna know where. All right. And they were gonna cut out your he was drawing pictures on my my torso. As far as where he was gonna cut. And while I was going through my mind. I said let me go see someone else. Can you explain please? What was he gonna do for your bladder? Well, he he was on his knees. And he was scoping my my torso out and during a picture where he was gonna cut. Where was that picture where west well the pictures on my talk show on my on my stomach and on my chest area. And I I didn't like the scope of it. And I told them I tell you what it was like to live without a bladder. No, nothing nothing. Urinate, normally never have sex life. Now, iraq. No, no. He told me he was going to ever, and I would never urinate right over. I'd never do it again and entrusted surgeon. Well, well. Being done. Sculpture directory for your number was was going through my mind. How would you know about me while you were seeing a surgeon? I I think in my in my dreams, I must have heard you on the radio my radio on all night, and you come on. And you know, I heard about you number your phone number. But I got a hold of it, and I called up immediately. They left the hospital, and I was. Our independent cancer treatment at thirty eighth and Broadway, hospitals, charged much more and have infections and super factions and chaos out here. Take when you come into our office. Does everyone know your name? Quite so. Name about. And I think that we stayed Christmas gift some of the some of us. But they are they are a fantastic staff. So tell us what it's like. So surgery, right? I couldn't I couldn't meet you. Because my insurance wasn't up to par retired gentleman and subsequently your step went to work at it. No, no. You gotta see Liederman. And they got me. Right. We fought for you. God. What we do for everyone we called and we fought for you. Oh. That's resources. They finally got me in maxim bumps in dense. I told them I fifty years have been paying insurance. Now, you don't wanna pay. Now, you don't wanna die care. And finally, they got me in grad staff, by the way, the doll. Tremendous tremendous. In and. I want you know, you you, you you recommended some care for me. And we went along with it and it worked, and I'm urinating Tommy. Like, let people know what is it like to get radio surgery for bladder cancer. Walk into this pleasant office. It's very very medical very, very subtle. And there are people are mostly accommodating, and if some. How have them hanging from LA highest yard arm and the British navy? No, the the the the the patients that she will care. Better to bury genie, very congenial and subsequently you meet actally Liederman, and he he's still shot share your treatment. And you go into you. I you get measured up for your for your ear threat is surgery. Yes. But you get your your your your. He'll frame made up because you.

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