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Three seven one three eighty five eighty five. Hi laurin. Hi, how are you? I'm good. Excellent. So this is really petty. But this has been driving me nuts. I'm glad you're doing free for all Friday today. So we were watching this really terrible last night called world's greatest. And it's really awful, but the premises. Someone comes out doesn't act the judges give it a score. And then they have these fifty judges from around the world who are also supposed to but. Yes, or no. And so last night there was an act that all fifty of the other judges voted. Yes. Exception of one guy and instead of going, okay? There's one guy who disagrees with that. Next thing. You know, the host the other judges the audience everybody's yelling. Shame. Shame. Shame. It it just got me thinking, it's almost a commentary on what we're seeing just politically and. From a social standpoint that you you brought someone on his show to give their opinion. And when they disagree with you. They're not allowed to disagree with you. You have to Dan, pummel them and shame them. And it just sorta seemed like a little bit of a common Perry. Well, I, you know, what's funny is today on the blog. I have a video have you ever seen JP's, Oltra spiritual life the series on YouTube? They're so ridiculous. But Dave gimme my computer real quick here. And I'll share your JP is on exactly what you're talking about war. And so here's a little J P for you. Specifically about hate speech. What do you do when you encounter hate speech? Well, nowadays the best way to handle it. When someone says something mean is to destroy their life going to share with you three zero s for dealing with hate speech. That'll help you accomplish that..

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