John Chuck, Phoebe, Genevieve Torres discussed on Sean Hannity


John Chuck's custody. Battle took the stand for the defense today in his murder trial. Genevieve Torres spoke of their last meeting January eighth twenty fifteen just hours before John Chuck dropped his five year old daughter Phoebe to her death from the dick Meisner bridge. Torres said John Chuck was obsessed with a large family bible written in Swedish he. Told me that when Phoebe touches the bible when she put her hand on the bible that she start chanting. Like singing, make chant she start chanting. He made a connection or parallel to the people that were speaking com. Torres said she was so disturbed by John John checks behavior that when he and Phoebe left she called nine one one John check has pled not guilty by reason of insanity. President Trump says he may close the southern border again in a tweet this morning. Trump said he was angry that Mexico wasn't doing anything to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, and he claimed that countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala have taken money from the US government, but refused to stop the caravans and thousands of migrants. Heading north daily president added that Dem's don't care about illegal immigration. This follows a warning from the customs and border protection Commissioner that the breaking point has arrived at the border. The president wants the chairman of the house intelligence committee to resign telling Fox News, Sean Hannity that Adam Schiff should be forced out for helping to fuel the Russia, collusion delusion. Later on Capitol Hill shift tussled with Republicans after all of them on the committee called on him to resign. Embassador.

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