U.S. Officials Provided Taliban With Names of Americans, Afghan Allies to Evacuate


Vitamin admits to he may have given the taliban kill lists. No he didn't. He didn't may have anything he gave. The taliban a kill list a potentially deadly blonder biden's administration effectively handed. The taliban kill list the target afghans who aided the us according to a report thursday and he admitted it may have happened when ass later at a white house briefing following the taliban okay so everybody in that white house knows this guy's out of his mind and i understand that the buck stops with him but when the buck stops with him it stopped with his entire administration. Because this guy is incapable of making a decision alone. I mean he did it with this. Pull out apparently. And then the rest of his administration went wild because no one in their knows what the what to do. Following the taliban takeover in kabul us officials there gave the islamic extremist group. The names of american citizens green card holders and afghan allies so they could be allowed to enter the taliban control perimeter around hamid karzai international airport according to politico so all. The taliban did thank you. You came to us now. We don't have to search for you and we can kill you. This is the dumbest thing ever and then couple that with the fact that obviously americans are stuck there and i'm hearing reports that it's over ten thousand. Have this press. What's john kirby not The spokesperson for the The department of defense talking about there's a thousand people there or fifteen hundred americans. I'm hearing numbers. Reportedly that may be as high as ten times. That and the biding is prepared to leave. Americans behind for the sake of hopefully winning an election or In twenty twenty two instead of just using the troops that are there to take back the ballgame air force

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