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In China town that's ahead in five minutes at ten twenty five it's Bloomberg money news on WCBS virtual reality isn't mainstream but Facebook to be our division has a plan to lead us into that world Facebook arise in the set to launch in twenty twenty as part of a private beta test we are trying to work July is your digital identity and by twenty twenty one Bloomberg intelligence analyst gia tendril Worrell says virtual reality could be a mainstream platform in Facebook's virtual world people interact through digital avatars CEO mark Zuckerberg said Facebook wants to create the same social experiences for virtual reality that it's built for phones and computers but one barrier is getting people to use VR headset for one of the big reasons behind that is just the accessibility all these devices the technology that powers it still has some evolution to go through in terms of display quality how you feel in these devices with money news at twenty five and fifty five on WCBS I'm Bloomberg's Jessica summers. this is the take out with major Garrett every week an extended conversation at a restaurant in our nation's capital with newsmakers like democratic senator mark Warner what we want to try to do is give the American people the truth from cabinet member Linda McMahon first time that I met Donald Trump was at a rolling stones concert Neil degrasse Tyson is key to the universe actually it's a key fob right you're not a fault of the universe in Friday nights at nine PM for a new episode of the take out with me major Garrett on WCBS newsradio eight eighty WCBS newsradio eight eighty live from local twenty four seven on radio dot com outages here.

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