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Everybody. What's going on rob sister Nina here for hypothetically speaking our final preview of people that may or may not be in the big brother. House when all stars kicks off Wednesday night, can you believe it nine PM Eastern? We will be live with coverage right after the episode to breakdown everything from the live move in advance. But today we're gonNA talk about the last couple of names on our list of people that may hypothetically be in the Big Brother House this season, we're gonNA start things off. We're going to be talking about the return of Kevin Campbell one of the more interesting names to discuss on this list. So that's very exciting looking forward to talking about Kevin. We will be joined on this podcast talk about Kevin by an old friend, Camp Perry who's back with us and a newcomer. Riley. Howard Bursch is going to be with us, and then in part two of this podcast conversation today, we're going to talk about not one but two more people in the second half, we're GONNA. Talk about. Christmas. Abbott who may be coming back to the Big Brother House. Maybe Christmas in August might definitely be Christmas in August based on her instagram. In the past twenty, four hours. So check that out, and then we're GonNa talk about Amber Brewers, Zo Trauma. What, yes, amber born zo tra- potentially back in the mix, and we're going to be joined by Mike. Bloom is going to be joining the conversation with Taryn and myself plus another one of our newcomers is going to be with us. That's GONNA. GonNa be Kelsey, rose, Mandi, who's going to be with us in this episode, of course, don't forget about our live coverage on Wednesday night. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don't miss an episode, and of course, that's to upset com slash I tunes and then on. Thursday morning, it looks like the live feeds are going to go. Go on tariffs. I. Live Feed Update is going to be ready to ways to subscribe to the podcast. Of course, you can do rob his website, accomplish I, tunes at scripture main feed, or you can subscribe to our big brother. Only podcast at rob is website dot com slash be be podcast. All right. I am very excited to talk about this next person who hypothetically speaking is going to be one of the people playing in big brother. All Stars, and this is a fun one to talk about because I. Think this person is worthy of being all star, but I never thought we actually see this person back on big brother, of course back with us, of course, Taryn. Arms Taryn, how're you? Doing very well, I I never thought it'd be talking about this. Kevin. Campbell who I rose. Lavigne's said yet. Yes. It's very, it's very exciting. I will say big brother eleven I feel like is one of the season's I. AM weakest on in terms of remembering all of the events and stuff and I feel like that's true for most of the feminist kind of gets lost. In time mostly remembered for Jeff Jordan coup-d'etat. But but Kevin was definitely a big part of this. Well, you and I were talking the other day about my my own personal big brother history and really you know the. Initial fan to start, and then I did a lot of podcasting or was a radio shows around the fishbowl all through the next couple of years. But then like around the big brother, ten big brother eleven area is like a little bit of like a blind spot for me where I was like the most casual of casual watchers before then I started up, rob has a podcast with. With Big Brother Twelve. So there's a little bit of a blind spot, but I'm happy that we're able to fill things in and I'm excited to have back with us now, not not from the class of twenty twenty, but back in. So you think you can podcast. We first met this man. I'm happy to have him back with us here today. It's Camp Perry, Cham, how are you? I'm great. I see like our pair would turn sit like, Kevin, he wasn't on my radar, but he's definitely one of the best black players we've ever seen play the game and I think like with everything going on, we need more of those great players because you know with all stars like you need people to have personality is also someone completely game and he can do both. So I'm real excited about what he can bring to the table and I. Hope that we see more. We can do because even big brother eleven like he was a part of why the biggest moves in the house s season. So like he someone definitely may mark and I think if he. Would made to the end. You probably would have won so. WanNa. See what he can do this on. Okay. Looking forward to talking through some bb eleven. I do remember though that kept in was. I always relate to the. robbed. G. Dodds G.. Dot, Odyssey's of these shows and I definitely remember him being like he was the he should have one guy. So looking forward to talking about Kevin from that season in here with us a newcomer from the class twenty twenty. Riley Bursts Riley, how are you? I'm doing pretty well, thanks for having me. I'm really excited to finally be on a podcast for our AGP I'm also really excited to talk about Kevin his it was a great personality, pretty good player on his first season. I like you guys never thought, we would ever get to see him play again. So I'm really excited to get to see him play and it's always nice to see someone who is not your typical big brother contestant being brought back. He represents a lot of different communities. He has intersection analogy -ality going on and it's just nice to see different types of people being considered for all star season. Okay. Briley. Could you tell listeners little bit about yourself? So I will be twenty one in about a week and a half. I am a current college students. I've been watching survivor for about ten years. Big Brother for about six. I've been frantically catching up because I really liked the shows a lot I'm a student for theater, English and philosophy. Trying to go into the play writings last screenwriting profession and I've just really really loved the Social Strategy Games. So I'm really excited to be on our HP fire. Okay. All right..

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