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Dollar furnace tune up from Michael and it's seven eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks the accident activity south of town that way Maryland you're delaying temple hill stretches to a point before branch Avenue we had a vehicle to go off the roadway both on their side and they took down the sign so please be careful about the right lane tied up three to the left to get you by it's also slow just passing Pennsylvania Avenue and getting a little heavier leaving fifty John Hanson headed toward the B. W. parkway topside definitely slow from ninety five over to Georgia Avenue then approaching three fifty five you'll slow past Georgetown road into a big curve heavy remaining slow toward River Road now there's also some slow down south of town on the internet from branch Avenue down toward the Wilson bridge the slowest traffic it's been going on I. two ninety five north bound in the in battle Evans street bridge on the freeway headed west toward the third street tunnel in Maine Avenue remember we had a motorcade rolled through so a lot of damage done early and it's gonna be very slow to recover foggy conditions not helping out as well slowing in Maryland toward the district in balancing them parkway writing up toward for sterling upon to south capitol street toward the Douglas bridge fifty westbound got a little bit of a delay out near Annapolis to get up on the Severn river bridge then again near the valley but very slow here for ten headed toward northeast in Virginia you're gonna find delays on sixty six at a Gainesville Easter going into Centerville fifteen out in all the near Braddock road follow police direction around that crash the loss of fine we've got delays at a Springfield interchange going into Annandale was activity under Braddock road that's gone a little bit of a delay building on sixty six now is he moving assets into center field again passing fifty delays inside the beltway not too bad you're even go toward Rosalinda get up on the Roosevelt bridge in the district we had earlier issues westbound on MalcolmX Avenue under I. two ninety five staying right past utility work unclear if that's gone but we still have a slowdown trying to come west bound here for more than one hundred senior defense and intelligence leaders NGO into twenty twenty April twenty sixth the twenty ninth in Tampa Florida register A. G. E. L. I N. T. twenty twenty dot com Jackie the W. T. O. P. traffic not a pretty start to our Wednesday his Mike Stanford has our storm team four four day forecast morning Joe yeah just talk about a quarter mile visibility at Dulles Manassas and Gettysburg.

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