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45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. Now the raw wood fork. All right, the capital struggling in Tampa Bay, they trail the lightning 5 to one where late in the third period of a game that basically got away from the caps immediately, Darcy Kemper gave up four goals on 9 shots he faced in the first period that would basically spell the end of his night after just one period, Charlie lindgren and relief, 21 saves he did let one get by him here in the third. But a scoreless second is the only reason why this isn't like a double digit game here as the capitals would get their lone goal from Connor sheary his 6th of the season. He scored that in the second period, but that's really the only period that hasn't been an unmitigated disaster here for the capitals. The wizards play the second game of a back to back, they beat the grizzlies one O two one O two 92, so that's now four straight wins for the wizards, three of those on home court during this long home stand, and they were knocking down the threes for the second straight night. They set a season high 19 three pointers in this game on 40 tries and kristaps porzingis led the way. He had 25 points of lead all scores knocked down 6 of ten from deep NFL week ten, a lot of interesting games, the packers come from behind to beat the cowboys in overtime, and another wild overtime game saw the Minnesota Vikings come back from 17 down to beat the bills in Buffalo. So the vikes now 8 and one and have a chance to be tied atop the NFC if Washington could pull off the upset of the undefeated eagles on the college hardwood today, the 17th ranked Maryland women a winner. So they're off to a two in one start on the men's side, Howard George Mason and Virginia tech all winners in blowout fashion. Rob woodfork WTO sports. Great rob, 9 47

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