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Tomorrow is the biggest day of the year for football fans, and we all know it's going to be a little weird for some seeing Tom Brady play in a Buccaneers jersey. But ahead of the big game. Somerville mayor Joker to Tony, who calls himself a newly disgruntled Pats fan, is offering up some advice and tips about Super Bowl parties during a pandemic Sunday. And your big, suitable party this year are simple. Message to you is don't have one. Now. I know what got skin and I know Tom Brady Glock a back in the Super Bowl, but they're playing for another chief. All right now, here in the past jersey they're not The mayor also brought former Buccaneers player and Summerville High graduate Galster. Cheryl is on the Somerville Sports show and asked him if he'll be celebrating Super Bowl 55 with the party this year, with all that's going on in my college, I'm sure my buoys get great. Damn. You still have some full section on the chair for that? Just sit back on our couch and enjoy the game. Kickoff is tomorrow night at 6 30. You can watch the game on WBZ TV, You know, so much has changed in our lives over the past year. Or so, including events routinely postponed or canceled altogether well. The Boston Red Sox are planning to uphold the annual tradition known as Truck Day When the team's equipment truck heads to spring training in Fort Myers, Florida the truck will be leaving Fenway Park around two o'clock Monday afternoon. Milford resident L. Hearts behind the wheel for the 24th straight season, fans are being urged not to come to the ballpark because of Cove in the event will be strange for you live beginning at 1 30 Monday afternoon. Nurses are being warned about scams targeting frontline health care workers during Cove in many of the nation's nurses air getting fraudulent phone calls as they give so much to their communities during the cove in 19 pandemic, all of them call and say you're in trouble, and if you don't take action immediately, such as pay us the money. We're going to arrest you or suspend your license. On the spot, Do Tedford, his director of the Arkansas State Board of Nursing some of the scam, phone calls or showing up on caller I, D and that state with the board's office? Phone number. Jim Krystle, a CBS Does It's 12 await over now to Bloomberg. Business. Shortages of computer chips continue to disrupt the auto industry. Chrysler now part of stolen kisses, joining G M and Ford and temporarily halting some production. It will idle it's minivan plant in Windsor, Ontario, for three weeks starting Monday. Wall Street wrapped up a positive week with a modest gain. Investors are hoping a week January jobs report Willie's passage of President Biden's Pandemic relief plan. The Dow Jones industrial Average Rose 92, the S and P 500 gained 15, the NASDAQ added 79. With legal bets on Sunday's Super Bowl expected to set a record online gaming companies closed higher draft kings Rose 1% Penn National gained almost 9% Both are up 35% so far this year. Pizza shops are expected to see their biggest Super Bowl Sunday ever. With many Americans planning to watch the game at home. They've stockpiled ingredients and added staff. I'm Larry Kowski Bloomberg business on WBZ, Boston's use radio. It's 12 09..

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