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Along with her sister lives craft gretchen. Host the podcast. Happier with gretchen rubin. She's also the author of so many fantastic bestselling books including the happiness project the four tendencies odor order inner. Comb happier at home all right anyway. At listing books. We gotta just welcome back but it is notable. We also have to mention here. Gretchen has also written biographies of me. Must be also. She is just the right person to talk with today very true. I'm so happy to be talking guys. It's great to be back. It's so fun to talk to the by the book team. We've missed you. Spend too long. All right gretchen. You have had a lots of celebrities on your podcast over the years and we know you've asked them all to share what they do to be happier. So can you walk us through some of those celebrities and what they told you possibly beginning with the woman who exudes sunshine and say daisies Drew barrymore yes. It was so fun drew carey more on the show. She wrote a really interesting memoir called wildflower. So it's great to have her on and you know we always ask our guests. If they have tried this at home suggestions something small and manageable that people can do as part of their ordinary days and she says that she writes in a journal to her daughters every day and she also suggests writing letters to your children on important days and maybe the occasional ordinary day. You keep them in a box and then when your children turn eighteen. Give them the box with all of these letters. That have been written over the years and i thought that was a really great idea. It would really be this wonderful keepsake and you'll because they were written at the time there'd be some kind of immediacy to them that even if you sat down and wrote kind of a loving letter at eighteen it would be different so i thought that was a really a really cool idea for Like as a parent. I have one thing i used to love doing. When i was a little kid was looking through my mother's baby book so the first year of my mother's life my nana kept A keepsake book with you. Know her i lock of hair that got trimmed off and The first word she said in little moments like that but then after that first year. Nothing i i think a lot of people. Just you know life gets busy and you stop after the first year. But i love that drew. Barrymore does that. that's beautiful. Yeah no. I think you're right like it's like the journal keeping you start out strong and then you kind of drift up. I mean i do have a little box full of teeth in my roy. And i'm like this is kind of creepy and gross in seattle teeth. You know so yeah keepsakes. There's something lot more elegant about a letter teeth. That's so funny. My mother was just visiting and she was making me. Look through the baby books. She kept For me and there is a letter that she wrote about lag. the hit show is dynasty. leg i'm online megan. i'm imagining. What if i had one of those for every milestone. That would be awesome because is so sweet you can tell she so young and lake precious so like now. I'm just very jealous of drew. Barrymore skids yeah. That was a really. That was a really like solid suggestion. Oh that's a that's a really good one now. There's another celebrity you've had on the show that to are really big fans. Adam went and i both love medical and legal procedures and one of the queens of both of those genres some juliana margulis and she was pretty recently right. Yeah i love her much and don't forget. She was on sopranos of course who did on sopranos. She was there towards the end. As one of tony's sort of serious Affairs yes. I think a real estate agenor something. Maybe i remember i digress. But that's one. I forget to when i'm always remembering how awesome she is. And then i remember that. And i'm like oh she's extra awesome. Yeah sorry well she. She had a great one for like when you're feeling overwhelmed. Sushi said separate yourself from the situation like maybe go into the bathroom and shut the door. Take deep breaths and remind yourself this is just a moment this is not the rest of my life and so to kind of pull yourself out and just remind yourself that whatever you're feeling right now however intense it is. It's just like happening right now. And i thought again. That was very very solid ice. She described it. I mean she seems like somebody who who kind of has to has to manage feeling overwhelmed. She's has very high expectations for herself. And so while. I what i like about that is the actual change of location to like yeah. I'm not just going to sit here. Where i'm going to go into a room and close the door because you know i have definitely struggled with that before to where i'm like. Oh my gosh. I screwed up. This is the worst thing of her. I just wanna bury myself in the ground you know. What does that person give me. And i have even on by the bug. We've done episodes where i've said you know i just had to tell myself. I'm not gonna feel this way in twenty four hours. I'm not gonna feel it. Twenty four hours. Yeah but the actual change of location. I feel i need to do that too. I need to actually move myself to change of scenery and look around while i do that because just sitting wallowing still on. The coach is not going to necessarily help. Kick that feeling in as much as change. The room i'm in. I think challenges to remember to do it like a lot of it's just count to ten.

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