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Again this morning, Certain Christmas to the air out there there is, You might even need the heater on in the car. I don't know It's all on you, Stephanie meet. I'll let you know how the roads are going with traffic in a minute. First forecast with terror that gets to deliver the news of where we are now where we're ahead of the rest of the day. Yeah, definitely grab that police this morning and get out the door. I needed it and I did kind of turn the heat on. That's a little chilly, and it looks like it's okay. You look like you're embarrassed by it. Cars generating heat anyway by then, and tonight, temperatures will be even colder than what they are this morning, so fall like feel out there. We'll take a look at temperatures where they are right now. 49 degrees in Kokomo, 50 and Munsey in Richmond. It's 55 degrees right now, in Indianapolis and 51 degrees currently in Greencastle is we take a live look outside our speedway camera towards downtown Indianapolis. We've got mostly Your conditions out there right now in temperatures and speedway coming in right now at about 55 degrees, satellite and radar, not too much to talk about at all. We've got high pressure to the north and west of us, and that's going to keep us high and dry. Not only for the day today but also heading into the weekend as well. So clear skies from Chicago south, then all the way down into Evansville this morning. It is going to be on the chilly side. Temperatures will fall a few more degrees. Into the lower fifties in many spots, But today high temperatures running about 10 degrees below normal For this time of year. We'll see highs right around 67 in Indianapolis and about 64 degrees in months. A Muncie we have a gorgeous weekend on tap will have more in your forecast in just a few minutes. But first, let's get you to work on time. Take a look at those roadways with Stephanie turned up this morning. It was chilly. A zero heading out the door this morning. They'll just be aware of this issue this morning.

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