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How good a dc it's good enough. It's not what was better than the pac twelve. It's certainly better than they have no chance they're no good. I mean if these acc teams that are traditional power. no chance the dupes victories. Over the mean so let me let me shift gears on one thing because you've had a couple of days and i don't know if you've done this i don't know if you've called people in chicago but often you do. I know your pows with waddell and with dan. What is the russell will. Does anybody hold to the fact. That russell wilson might actually be with the bears where they surprise that he put on his list teams. He would go to the bands. Yes we are just scared to even think you gotta understand how this has gone from traditional. But you know able to overcome the lack of a quarterback to traditional and. I'm getting a little tired of this to traditional. And i can't even speak about it. I'm talking about people who are in the hall of fame. Who were that uniform. Wore the jersey. You just you just. You can't talk about it. I mean we do talk about it in an official way. But just get your hopes up. And and there's just distrust of the general manager that he is capable of doing anything. Competent concerns quarterback. So now they have this guy out there who's who we would die to have who we would've last time we had somebody. Russell wilson the answer is jim mcmahon. He wanted as many as russell wilson and he should've gotten to another one and got her like two or three times dumped on his shoulder. Crazy stuff that happened. It went down. We're convinced that mcmahon would have won a second or third one. Have you been able to be healthy. But now we have. Russell wilson saying we have a general manager. We don't believe in so what happens. What was the what what would be give up. There's all kinds of the speculation is as you can imagine tony. It's you know. I mean that's it. It's a bigger story than the white sox and the white sox looked to have one of the five teams in baseball in spring training. Now which is on and you know it surpassed everything the bulls. The bulls were tied for fifth like one game ago. And but this story about russell. Wilson is taking everything and i'm on chicago radio with and sylvia every wenzel sometimes additionally which may be the case now because you have this story hanging out there. The russell wilson names four teams and by the way russell wilson comes to chicago and does something like lead the bears to the super bowl. He they'll build a statue to him for outside so you feel for one season and we don't know we don't know there's talk about giving up khalil. Mack with seattle khalil. Mack talk about giving up. Roquan smith smith. Who is just i mean. I think he he might literally can tackles last year So you have this thing that. There's a desperation about the quarterback situation. I've never seen so it. Tony one thing. You don't realize it's eric reid home and i like especially up through the super bowl know. The bears weren't still playing. Eric and i will look a famous games. The bears have played in our lives. So this goes back you know for me. Following the bears fifty. Five years for eric following the bears forty seven forty eight us was. We're going back over half a century between two of us and we will look famous performances. And eric will say okay. Let's look up bob. Appollini the game. That walter payton ran for two hundred and seventy five yards and beat. The vikings thirteen to ten just putting sample and eric will just started laughing. 'cause we were kids and we'll say okay. What do you think he was. And abilene was seven for twenty one for eighty one yards in four interceptions. Something like that. Not as deductive as he would have hoped tony their playoff games where we go. Okay what do you think. What do you think avellino was in the bears. Nineteen seventy five playoff game. We're peyton went. You know forty two carries for two hundred was the numbers are such that you just you start laughing you the washington football who knows nothing of anything. This putrid most franchises. Don't so that's what we have. And if russell wilson could just come even if he did a drive by if you said you know what trade the whole team to me for one season i'll come. We pay here. Maybe maybe so. That's what you asked what that story is i will. I'll talk to you later. I'll talk to you later on boys and girls we will take a break when we come back. Steve sands will join us. And we'll talk about tiger. I am tony.

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