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Joe Ramsey, and I'm Christopher cruise. And I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters. Investors are still left wondering if trade issues between the US and China will be resolved in the new year. President Donald Trump tweeted that big progress on trade was made in a phone call with Chinese president Xi Jinping yesterday trade issues will hurt investment in two thousand nineteen as long as investors are unsure of their outcome. Says former New York fed president William Dudley, one of the more pernicious aspects of these trade tensions is that. I think it has a negative consequence for investment people. Don't really know what to do because they're not short the ground. Rules are going to be deadly spoke to Bloomberg television. If you lost money on emerging Asian bonds and currencies this year be warned the first half of next year may see more of the same risk assets are likely to remain at the mercy of the U S, China trade war, a messy, Brexit and rising US interest rates unless all emerging Asian currencies are expected to weaken by the end of June. Soon according to estimates compiled by Bloomberg. And there might not even be a Brexit that according to international trade secretary, Liam Fox in an interview with the Sunday Times of the UK FOX says the chances of the UK leaving the European Union are fifty fifty if parliament rejects Prime Minister Theresa May's withdrawal agreement in January famous investors such as fidelity Peter Lynch have favored a tool that's making a splash right now with stocks having fallen for the year. It's the PG ratio. The SNP's forward price earnings ratio at Wednesday's low. The ratio matched levels seen at the bottom of the financial crisis in two thousand eight extreme readings in the PG reflect both below average valuations and the still relatively bright view. Wall Street takes a future profit growth, a recession, of course, would change that view. Global news twenty four hours a day on air and at ticked up on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. You're listening to CBS Sunday morning with Jane Pauley on Bloomberg radio. Good morning. I'm Jane Pauley. And this is Sunday morning on the radio the last Sunday morning of the year two thousand eighteen which is why as is our custom. Well, pause to take stock take a look back. And remember those who left us in the year gone by colorful or client. Why is large or small? They changed our world. Which is why we'll be bidding them hail. And farewell. They made us laugh. They made us cry. They made a difference. I'm looking forward to seeing gone face to face ahead. We say a final goodbye. We say hail and farewell. For some of us. The encyclopedia brings back memories of childhood trips to the library journeys through the pages of a treasure trove of all kinds of information on this. The two hundred fiftieth anniversary of the encyclopedia. Britannica Luke Burbank has done a little research..

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