Elon Musk Doubles Down on A.I. Ambitions Despite Regulatory Scrutiny


Tesla has been leaning into artificial intelligence as we've talked about on the show company's tapped ai to power assisted driving beecher's and eventually wants to use the technology in fully autonomous vehicles. But at the company's ai event last week ceo elon musk reveal. The tesla is going even deeper on. Ai you might have seen in your feed that. He unveiled a humanoid robot. We're setting it such that it is At a mechanical level at a physical level. You can run away from it and most likely overpowered here to break down. All of that is our reporter rebecca. Elliot hey rebecca. Thanks for joining me. Yeah thanks for. Having me amanda. Okay so tell us about this robot. What exactly is musk pitching here. So tesla introduced what it is. Calling the tesla bhatt on thursday and this is a human looking robot expected to be about five foot eight weighing one hundred twenty five pounds. The prototype elon. Musk said he thought would be ready. Next year Though what we saw on thursday was you know a human dressed in a robot costume dancing on stage. So you know make of that what you will.

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