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A lot of people are scrutinizing that deal because it's heavy on performance incentives and that an an roster bone agent would not have left him so exposed bet on yourself take that every single time he's doing it rumor was yesterday at the done deal raiders signing jordy nelson james jones actually the former white that was the first report the details two year fifteen million thirteen million guaranteed jordy nelson so he couldn't even have gotten that from green bay right i mean didn't greg jennings even say that hey he's still may be harbor's hope of going back to green bag yeah he couldn't have said how about this deal like green bay wouldn't give him that deal should we assume that he wasn't going to get that deal i think he was a cap casualty though i know they're already paying him and rental cobb and keep both they didn't have room for both i mean but then they go ahead and give a boatload of money jimmy ground we will see how derek carr uses jordy nelson with crabtree gone it's jordy nelson now with mark over marshawn lynch back there as you know gruden says they're going to get him a fullback see how it goes jordi might be red zone doug march there too by the way yeah on yesterday ian mentioned earlier michael crabtree visiting the baltimore ravens looks like that could get done today the bills made a bunch of moves their gm talked on friday said he doesn't know what his team is actually doing quote i know everyone assumes we're gonna go higher than twelve i don't know what we're doing i honestly don't that's encouraging news from bills gm brandon bean the bills have two first round picks two second round picks in two third round pick so they have lots of the problem again is they're not high enough to crack the top five six seven you're not going to entice a team like the jets or broncos or giants colts even browns at four to trade down twelve it's too far too far even with even if you're getting some.

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