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Bloomberg 99 one to Boston Bloomberg one O 6 one this inferences go Bloomberg 9 60 to the country Syria's XM channel one 19 and around the globe the Bloomberg business act in Bloomberg radio dot com This is Bloomberg markets All right coming up in this half hour we're going to have some more time with Danielle de martino booth She's a CEO and chief strategist at quill intelligence Get her thoughts on this all important fed meeting this afternoon Plus we're going to check in with Eli parr's co CIO head of convertible strategies at kalamos investments get his thoughts on the credit markets a rough first four months for the credit markets But first let's go to Greg Derek Bloomberg business flashback Tech shares are taking the lead downfall putting pressure on the broader market ahead of the fed's interest rate decision which you will of course hear here on Bloomberg radio S&P's down three tenths of a percent down 11 the Dow's up at one tenth of a percent up 33 The NASDAQ's down one over 1% now down a 135 The ten year is down 7 30 seconds the yield is over 3% but barely West Texas intermediate is up three and a quarter percent of 105 76 comics goes down four tenths of a percent to 1863 20 Valerian one 30 ten the Euro a dollar 5 31 the British found the dollar 24 82 That is a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continues now pretty Gupta and Paul swing All right Greg Jarrett thank you so much We appreciate it here I'll just chatting with Danielle D Martin blue She's in the studio So whenever we get her understood I'd like to bender ear on lots of different topics Danielle so we have the fed today Are you in the camp that says the fed is behind the curve here is behind the market And if you are in that camp can they do anything about it I don't think there's any way to make up for lost time and I clearly I'm in Randy coral's camp as well Because he came out and said flat out we would have been acting sooner had there not been a crisis of leadership inside the fed And so I think that it is in widely acknowledged I think that the fed is in a pickle when it comes to continuing to ease credit by virtue of having such a massive footprint in the mortgage backed securities market And I don't think there's an easy elegant way out I don't think that there's a reasonable path that anybody can paint of a soft landing Really Wow All right so we're also talking off air about China Germany recession risk there And how that may drag the U.S. into a recession How do you think about those dynamics In fact there was some great math that Bloomberg economics did that they published yesterday that shows that if there's one thing that's going to turn U.S. inflation around it's of China stays in a funk And we fully anticipate that to be the case and so if this carries out in Beijing and I'm watching Bloomberg Asia every night when it comes on the air if this carries out from Shanghai into Beijing and we carry this through May that means that China is effectively in recession that Germany the world's third largest exporter is in recession So you tell me how the United States stuck in the middle of the world's second largest exporter how did they resist that gravitational pull of the two other largest exporting nations being in recession If we were to enter into a recession do you have any sense of how deep how long it may be Also a secondary question So it was interesting An interview from milk and yesterday on Bloomberg talked about the hopes this was a president Coke from Goldman Sachs The hope it would be a shallow recession I just can't say there are so many If you look at trend we should have 6 million more Americans in the workforce right now They need to do Where are they Had we stayed on pre-pandemic trend So there's already that initial drag.

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