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Well today by Democrats and to follow up on President Trump's demand to increase these covert relief checks. The 2000 Bucks Republicans are really going to push back and probably block it because of the huge price tag, But here we are on Christmas Eve. And this covert relief deal appears to be falling apart. Now President Trump arrived in Florida late yesterday, where he's going to spend the Christmas holiday. He does not like the deal that Congress passed earlier this week, and another battle is brewing over Pentagon funding. President Trump just vetoed the huge National Defense Authorization Act, in part because it did not include a provision to rein in social media companies. But Get it passed Congress with a big majority and the president could be in for the first veto override of his administration. Houseboat on that is expected Monday the president's pardon to former advisers convicted in the special counsel. Russia Election meddling investigation, The president issued pardons to former campaign manager Paul Manafort and former adviser Roger Stone. Manna for convicted of financial crimes. Stone convicted of lying. The lawmakers, he told Fox is Tucker Carlson. My prostitution was a completely politically motivated, which are also pardon Charles Kushner, father of presidential son in law. Jared Kushner, the older Kushner prosecuted for tax fraud by former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who was a U. S attorney at the time. In Washington. Joe NATO. Fox News president, Trump says Iran is responsible for Sunday's rocket attack on our embassy in Iraq, National security adviser Robert O'Brien tells Fox the president. Made it very clear that if an American is killed, that's a red line for us and Iran is gonna will be will bear the responsibility for it. Americans.

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