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Now and use promo code k sfo to take advantage of forty percents off my pillow's four pack special and now when you order your my pillow's mike is going to also give you free shipping don't delay order now support our troops we hear it practically every day we read in the papers on yard signs on bumper stickers it's something we all agree on whenever and wherever the men and women of our armed forces are called we send our support with it it's something we all do and supporting the uso is how it's done for more than sixty years the uso has tirelessly maintained a bridge back home for our soldiers sailors airmen marines and coast guardsmen around the world who fight to preserve the freedoms we hold so dear the uso receives no government funding it employs only private citizens and volunteers and depends entirely on the generosity of the american people to fulfill its mission help us support our troops to find out more about the uso and how you can help call us at eight eight eight uso five five six six or visit our website at uso dot org this is jill on money on talk radio five sixty ks afo eight eight five five four one one jill that's the number to call to have your financial questions answered back to geelong money with jill schlesinger your back with jill on money we are so delighted that you are with us today springtime baseball season feeling about our mets mark he's laughing you learn in the world of fandom which teams that you can really rely on in which teams you just sort of chuckle you know as hockey season comes to a close here in the greater new york area all three teams stunk this year basically.

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