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Taking advantage of a dramatic drop in visitor numbers amid the coronavirus crisis the crossing became famous fifty one years ago when the Beatles Wilkes from one side of the road to the other while being photographed for the cover of the nineteen sixty nine Abbey Road album millions of footsteps from fans from around the world had left the crossing faded but no more in London sorry and I'm Jane Metzler and this is newsradio nine twenty and one oh four seven FM the following program previously recorded fusion of entertainment and enlightenment no I hit my limit it is my limit I can't go any further I heard today that tell tale sign of coronavirus is it you lose your your your sense of taste and smell now I lose an arm but I'm not I am already so deeply into the M. and Ms and all of the comfort food if I lose the taste of chocolate kill me just take me now just kill me right now coronavirus is that if you experience pain on a daily basis I know exactly how you feel it can be debilitating it can control your life the aches are easy to understand when it really hurts to do the basic chores emotionally the effects of pain can be just as dramatic I have spoken to so many people in this audience that it started to take relief factor the change emotionally is as dramatic as the physical relief maybe even more as you might know Tonya and I started taking relief after several months ago after about ten days subtle changes started to become significant and I've been able to stop taking.

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