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Intestinal obstructions in belly aches and everything else so I'm not a fan of Ross heights but the cheek roles are the skin of the cheek of the spear or the cow and it's thicker and it's softer so I've never had not gone would never have to talk to us a big piece they just two of little pieces and it is digestible you know less responsible dog owners you check what comes out the other end right and I've never seen a piece of cake well come out the other end it is they just double the other thing that goes along with that are the muscles more there's no souls then it gets a little gross but Hey you know if they're going to slaughter callous use all the parts the parts are edible yeah the nose of the pig there's no soul or of the spear the Mosel are like the chick wells they're softer and the ducks seemed absolutely love them so unless they're terrier of mine well unless they they have less Kate's terrier yeah years Cavaliers Trachis yet Cavaliers I'm not fond of pink easier so because they're brittle yeah their sharp but cal Sears or lamb Sears for the smaller dogs made up parts have become more and more parts are showing up on the market place sure in years dried ligaments strike tendons yeah the trick is are good if you can stop those traits are a lot of fun I love to get those and you fill one and with peanut butter and you shove a banana in it and the little handful of kibble and then seal it and then freeze it and it's especially if I'm going to be busy but I'm gonna be running errands and gone or have that assignments deadlines that the computer that I've got to work on sure I'll pull one of those out of the freezer and they'll be happy for hours.

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