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The number four me dot com So this situation in in Lakeland is it's just getting more and more tragic and more bizarre as the details unfold, and today, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd recap the events and took questions, Uh, regarding what took place leading up to and during this weekend's mass shooting in Lakeland. The question Sheriff Judd investigators have been trying to answer is Why did 33 year old Brian James Reilly target this family? During the press conference, Judd reiterated the fact there was no relationship between Riley and the victims. However, investigators now know he came across how he came across the family in the first place, according to the sheriff, A witness who lives in the area of North Sacrum Loop Road, told deputies he had talked to his friend Riley a few days prior to the massacre, the witness told law enforcement. Riley said he was planning to help with Hurricane Ida relief assistance. And offered to give Riley a first aid kit. Riley went to pick up the first aid kit around 6:45 P.m. Saturday and left just after 7 10 PM shortly after Riley approached Justin Gleeson, one of the victims while he was mowing his lawn justice, I think, Oh, justice! Yes, Sorry. Justice Gleeson. Alright P. Judd and Riley approach the 40 year old Gleason and told him God said that I need to talk to Amber because she's going to commit suicide. Justice told Riley. There's no one at the home by that name. Another family member who is also Victor, also a victim came outside and threatened to call the police. He drove off mad, Judd said. Never did Brian Riley make a threat? Never. He just wanted to talk to Amber because he thought she was going to commit suicide. Just a bizarre, irrational statement, in the words of Grady Judd. The sheriff said. Riley later told investigators God told me to kill everyone and to rescue Amber because she is a victim of sex trafficking. In his confession, judge said Riley told investigators that he went home to craft a plan and what she would have to kill everyone. Law enforcement officials believe Riley left his Brandon home around one a.m. Sunday with a large bag. And the massacre didn't begin until around 4 22 am, Riley told investigators when he left his home. He took the following actions. According to Judd. He did reconnaissance on the Lakeland home. He repositioned his truck at least three times so that he would have a fast escape. He found three entrance point into the home. He planned multiple diversions as an exit strategy. He slashed the tires of two vehicles, one of which he would later set on fire and then set a path of glow sticks.

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