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S news now i'm bill hildebrand currently a thunderstorm and some light rain in the wichita area and seventy three degrees the fight to split california into three states heats up in court fox's joel nato has that story and environmental group the planning and conservation league filed a lawsuit this week to stop proposition nine which calls for splitting california into three states the group says splitting the state would undermine california's tough environmental laws but the mercury news is reporting advocates for it are asking the state's high court to keep the proposal on the november ballot saying taking it off now with deny voters a say in how they're governed the propositions backed by silicon valley venture capitalist tim draper who says breaking up into three states would mean more manageable state governments jill nato fox news to people were sharply thursday afternoon in northwest wichita across the street from evergreen park officer charlie davidson says police found shell casings and blood in a parking lot north of twenty fifth and our kansas a male and female had arrived on our kansas in a red suv agreeing to purchase methamphetamine silver suv arrived in the parking lot and met with the victims during this preplanned drug transaction a disturbance ensued and multiple shots were fired the shooting victims were found a couple blocks away in the twenty six hundred block of north jackson a thirty year old woman suffered bullet graze wounds to both of her legs at a twenty eight year old man had bullet fragment injuries to his face upon released from the hospital the man who had been shot was arrested and booked into jail on an illegal weapons charge because he was in possession of brass knuckles one person has died following a highway crash near selena it happened just after five friday afternoon on westbound i seventy near mile marker two fifty five between passenger vehicle and a semi a highway patrol reports that a strong wind gusts caused an eastbound semi to go out of control and jack knife into the westbound lanes colliding with a passenger vehicle the man who died was identified as sixty year old harry taylor of selena the driver of the semi was not injured dan o'neill kagan ss news bill roy with the wichita business journal reports the wichita city council voted this past tuesday to approve issuing industrial revenue bonds for a south wichita low income housing project the eastwood apartments south of kellogg and oliver have been neglected developers brent hearst and dave murphy bought the apartments and plan to renovate.

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