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Yeah all right grete homes. My mother listens to your podcast regularly. She has reached out to my wife and his asking how to handle my my other sisters left leaning views of masculinity. It seems like my sister's appreciate my actions. In my example that i sat but at the same time they believe men who act like women are truly masculine. Would you suggest doing anything else. Besides setting damn good example and showing my family what sovereign sovereigntist produces sometimes that seems passive versus. Maybe going out of my way into having discussion with them on the topic. I mean i might have a discussion about it because it sounds like maybe. They're intrigued or interested in it. So i might talk about that. I wouldn't get drawn into a battle because you might as well have the discussion. If it gets contentious maybe you bow out and say hey you know school. I just wanted to share some thoughts and sounds like you don't appreciate them and that's fine. You don't keep doing what you wanna do. But there's a scripture. I don't have the scripture reference right off hand you guys will know better than i will. But by their fruits you shall know the by there fritzy shelby. So what's going to happen. Is these feminine. Men continue to live their lives in feminine manner. They're gonna produce less than desirable results for themselves their families or communities their businesses in every other area they show up and people will see that and interpreted as weakness because frankly it is not to step into who you are and they'll look at the guy across the street or in this case you the other family member who's bold and strong and courageous and assertive and has a set of skills and leads his family effectively. They'll think that's a real man because by their fruits that they shall know you so you just continue to produce. You continue to leave your family effectively. You continue to raise good sons and daughters. You continue to inspire and lead hand in hand your wife and they will see it. They may not see now. Because nothing's hard right now. Yeah we can either way with that way. yes i know. We're in the middle of covert and everything else but nothing's hard which is nice but also we're not exposed. It's like warren. Buffett's thing that that a that a rising tide lifts all ships. I was warren buffett that said that and he also said that when the tide goes out you get to see who's naked the tides in right now once that tied goes out everybody will know who's exposed and who's vulnerable in it isn't gonna be you and so in times of prosperity men and this is what i talked about the book sovereignty. I said that in times of abundance and prosperity were put up on the shelf. And it's like that that that whole idea of of in case of emergency break glass here so men are put up on the shelf because we're not needed are masculine. Energy is needed in times of prosperity and abundance. Who do you think created that. Now when shit hits the fan and everybody scared and things are going down what do they do they run to the wall and they break the glass and they pull out the real men not the men who were feminine. Not the men who don't have a set of skills. Not the men are who we can. Cowardly they can get away with it in an easy world but in times of emergency they're going to break that glass and call upon you and that's common guys that's coming that might be an isolated experience within your family or your extended family or it could be a cultural or national or even international event but that time is coming and everybody will know who the men are and who men aren't and you'd better find yourself in the right category in the only way people are going to see is by your fruits and they're gonna think i need to be around that guy because that guy is gonna give me what i need which is safety comfort security prosperity. The people the things that people are looking for when they don't have it. Yeah kelvin jones. I've recently decided to take the role of mel role model in my three nephews lives. I don't have any kids myself myself. And their life is a wreck along with their mother. My sister and the other family members. I traveled to work so i don't get much face to face time with them. They are always staying with my grandmother. My mother and my sister and never have any male interactions. That's positive. where should they start. I have plans for weekly zoom calls in my battle plan and i call and text everyday to have topics of conversation during the week. But i'm out loss of where to begin the process of trying to portray to them. What becoming a man is all about. Since i never had those lessons growing up either so you guys get learn together. How cool is that. Did he say how far away. He is from his nephews. No he didn't. He just says a limited face to face time so he's having to zoom calls and text unless you're unless you're geographically not in the in the area i would say screw that bullshit and go pick up your nephews and go do some things together with them like go to the basketball court. Go play tennis. Go to the jujitsu. Matt's get physical another weekend camping totally go on a hike. Whatever safe telling you to be reckless but be safe but go get him. Go get them and and manly with them. You don't have to know this stuff to expose them to experiences. You know like maybe you've never shot a gun in your life so take your three nephews to the shooting range and you can learn while they're learning that's cool and by the way i'm not saying that you have to shoot a gun to be manly. I'm just saying that that's an opportunity for you to learn for them to learn and they're going to draw so many lessons on that experience. Outside of zoom call..

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