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What good everybody who welcomes? You another episode of know. What's good games podcast today? We are recording very early in the morning. I've course am Andrea Rene joined by miss Brittany Bacher. Andrea rene. Why don't we do this to ourselves bread? We did this because we wanted to be quote professionals and talk about the smash news. So he decided yesterday that we'd get up at the ask crack of dawn. To watch this jumbled mess and talk about it. Indeed. And of course, this is your source for video game news commentary now says and funny stuff if you're joining us for the first time in the cookies, welcome. We're so glad to have you here. Maybe you saw us on the spotlight stage at twitch Kahn or maybe saw episode of the setup or maybe you heard about us on you know, friend of the shows podcast, maybe somewhere like kind of funny games. We're glad that you're here. And we're glad that we're here talking about some crazies super smash news or not crazy. Controversial crazy. Maybe we're gonna get to that in just a minute. But before we do you guys may be noticing, or if you're listening, you may be noticing that we are absent won miss Christine Steiner, she's taking the week off today as you guys know Brittany, and I had been travelling quite a bit over the last couple of months and Saimaa like yo dogs. I need a break. We're like take the bright girl. This is your. Reminder that if you need to ever take a break in life. Make sure you give yourself that. We did a lot of work on our first year with an amazing charity..

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