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Endangering anybody asphalt therapy through Clermont county and then to brown county how now brown county to the lovely little city of Ripley Ohio along the banks of the mighty Ohio River to an undisclosed location where people are social distancing but still together this morning for breakfast at Jerry's good morning great to have you with us as always bright eyed and bushy tailed as you are and I gotta tell you there is something that is very essential about Kerry out stakes I experienced it last night we had we had to carry out state dinners yeah your room and and I tell you what Bahnsen has got ahead of schedule down how that work out Doug did work pretty good it worked better than a normal night right so you had people scheduled to pick their stakes up at a certain time you knew what time they were coming I got to see the assembly line and in action last night and it was I mean how they wanted it cooked and everything it was a thing to behold and the stakes we got the stakes on their absolutely delicious so thank you very much and Mister Jones thank you for allowing us to come by your establishment and pick up our steak dinner and a beer it would not start that was one and I tell you what Lisa who is with us this morning I was doing a fantastic job as the Kerry out waitress she was doing all the packaging up of the Denters writing the names down on the on the containers making sure everybody got what they needed and I hope you were taken care of Lisa it gives you if you know me and I really nasty all winners are people from napa want to find even though we had I couldn't find anybody or get real close now you and then you look fantastic in your in your panty mask but anyway I figured what I have yeah so anything else I mean everything went okay great we're in a different next week all right so there there weren't any florist interrupting you good no interruptions what you know you know how florist in florist are not essential they're they're not essential when everything's normal flora stern is central we the guy here this morning what's that we have a veteran are hunker bunker not really who's who's staying with you that's not usually there your record are you sure Hey George was up okay well I mean you you could probably pick better company you know that yep if you be careful all right because think tanks yeah well sure sure but I I heard buzz was contagious suggestive buzz is there to stay away from hi we are away from that dude I'm what hi I would like to narrow the green Hornet looks beautiful in yellow this morning so she's he's a yellow Hornet now are you back in the green Hornet is turned into a yellow jacket this is football absolutely absolutely now back to Britain care listen to us every Saturday morning and tell them that the weather rock it was wet and cold and damp this morning that sanitizer on it just to be sure one that's right you wanna you wanna watch those moist surfaces what well listen have a have a lovely rest of the day it's great to hear yell yell sounded wonderful voice and again last night at snappers the Kerry out steak dinners were phenomenal and ribs next Friday night all right you see all bye bye y'all come back now you hear that was good actually was worth the drive out to Ripley me and the wife and friend we got our steak dinners came back home and would not quarantine for fourteen days because we cross state lines checkpoint Charlie Meier anyway take a break and come back seven hundred WLW seven hundred WLW Cincinnati available everywhere with the I heart radio lab one seven hundred WLW and I heart radio station faces a baseball fans as Mr perfect Tom brown and I want to talk to you about the perfect gutter system the government gestion I have this product on my house and no longer have to worry about cleaning gutters this product.

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