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And here's something you need to know the majority of people who ordered the three week quickstart. Now, only nineteen ninety-five go on to order more. Let's see if we can get you out of pain to go. Go to relieffactor dot com. New Zealand police say they're treating the disappearance of a twenty two year old British tourist as a murder investigation, the evidence we have gathered to this Corey has established that this is a homicide crisis. Family have been advised of this development. Detective Inspector Scott beard said they still don't know where grace Mullane is. We have secured a vehicle of interest. And we're now making close to find out exactly with the who has been earlier today. We released images of crisis. Watch and nNcholas possible is also missing a man who was detained earlier in the day is facing charges in the disappearance of the woman who was on a planned year long trip abroad that began in Peru. She arrived in New Zealand last month this day in history in eighteen sixty three president Lincoln issued his proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction for the south breaking news and analysis at townhall dot com. One southern California school district's agreed to pay out eight and a half million dollars to four students who say they were sexually abused by a former teacher Redlands unified school district agreed to settle the claim alleging the children were molested by Joel Coen's former Redlands high school drama teacher who's pleaded not guilty to fifteen felony charges over the past seven years. The district is paid more than thirty million dollars to students who alleged they were molested by teachers or staff members it August along the district greater pay fifteen point seven million to settle lawsuits by eight former students Patrick fos reporting it's Heisman Trophy time in New York City and around the US for you college fans for the sixteenth time in nineteen years. A quarterback will be guaranteed to win the award this evening. Top three contenders. Are Oklahoma's Schuyler Murray Alabama's to attack and Dwayne Haskins who QB's the Ohio State University. More of these stories at townhall dot com. I'm Rhonda rockstar. Christmas.

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