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Looked like after they got by the way they only in their grappling toward the thing. That's four and then one one little Trey Got David Gordon. Green seen like this is what they did this brothers movie star in Ish all the carrots dismantle dismantle a walker. What happened there? That's a spice rag. I don't know it was kind of surreal. The real ball set which means he's loving. It was kind of surreal. I hit him with the axe. Then he tackled me and we hit my coffee table able. It was really intense. I know you had a coffee table. I taught amazing during the scuffle ball. said the acts flew out of his hands. I wanted to. They hit my coffee table and then all of my books like Silverlake Bohemian fell on no time. Basquiat during the scuffle. If you've got that wheel time jerk that's for you. During the scuffle ball. said the axe flew out of his hands. At which point both men scrambled to grab the medieval weapon. This is every spend ball has dreamed right. This is trained in hand to hand combat. You're you're out the large pool and into the real world. You're now both going to get the weapon. It's just out of your reach or he pulled back and it's just out of both of your reach. We we went for both of us and we both got hands on it eventually. Raul's allegedly let go of the acts which I hope was just a conversation. Come on man. It's fine how let go the. Take my axe. She's not here she's not here and then Raul's fled the apartment. Ben Credits his victory to the being prepared because when he's not working at Applebee's a.

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