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Who have training camp. We have to talk about Whatnot so first off Figure i start with some injury stuff. nick bosa anti ford. We're both out on the field this week on botha looks pretty good. He looked a lot slimmer but he looked like he was still moving. Pretty good And stuff so. I think that's good Deformed was surprising. I really wasn't sure if he was going to be able to be up on on the field into practice and stuff because of his injury because he's had such a weird Injury history situation going on with his back in his neck in the system pretty serious like areas. You don't wanna mess with too much. So yeah like that would be on. Does the biggest surprise to me. We haven't really. I haven't heard any significant injuries. That have been coming out as of late In stuff so under the gotten any injuries from training camp really I do know they're trying to find it right now. finding because they did release a list that had You call it. They had a list of had like people going the list and Yeah but di. Ford is not starting off on the public which is pretty crazy Also other breaking news. I know I know kind of lake. That's friday in. This happened on a couple of days ago. Trae lance has officially signed his for your deal. He sent monday wednesday morning Right before training camp started Send for your deal Not gonna get to. Let's see they might have other restaurants on here. yep he has signed A four year deal now. The finance have all of their eight draft picks in this year Signed an under contract so that The polling place have been placed in the reserve in nineteen list. Why receiver one jennings and safety Guitar on blah blah blah. Let us. that's about him. And i do believe Manual mosley was on the list and trying to figure. I know I'm blanking on. Maybe i'm here okay The following players have been placed on. I'm getting lists from ferdinand dot com. The following players have.

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