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Excuse me, greeting card today. People are just angry and carsoup other. And one of the people who who I don't know how many millions and sales she did for us. But Rosalind Resnick would represent our Email list and sell it to companies like IBM. And I always wanted to know how she got what she was, and I got a little bit of a sense of it, but it's kind of weird in conversation at dinner to say, so how'd you get so rich? But in the interview, I got to ask Roslyn about how she started. And I got to ask her about how she built up. And now she figured out her business model. And at the end of it, I remember a and I were still dating and she happened to be in my house at the time. And I said, Olivia, I know I called her because I was so excited. I said, Libya, I know what I want to do with the rest of my life. I just loved it. I got to understand all this about a woman who I known for years. That's so how do you have the courage to ask certain questions that many other people wouldn't dare ask? I think this is why many people come to you when they want to listen to other entrepreneurs in their stories because you feel I don't know if you're comfortable, but it seems like you're comfortable asking those kinds of questions where even with me, I worry about a response. A person might have if I were to kind of poke a little bit further than, you know, I should. I tell the guests my reason and I get by ahead of time. So throughout the interviews, you can see that. I say, I want to understand how you failed because sometimes I feel like a failure and I can't snap out of it. I want to understand how how big this business got, because I want to know how big a business like that can get. I tell them the reason and I give the answer. We all know about the robber tail Dini book influence where he talks about how someone cut in line in the copier by saying, I need to cut in line because whatever. And if you say the reason people are more likely to give it to. The thing that I discovered was I read a baby books after we had our first child about four years ago and in some of them, they say, even if the kid is a year, even if they're a year and a half, just tell them the reason I say this to my wife, my wife is very into like to chill, read a book until actually implemented. So she went into our kids room one time when. He was sleeping shepherd was a kid with scream alive if he didn't get his way. And she went and she said, now shepherd, I need you to sleep because you need to have your energy. So tomorrow morning, you'll have energy to play with your friend Callan. So go to sleep now and then mommy's gonna come and help you in the morning..

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