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So many of those games, you know, Vance Donald Jesse James James Connor out of the backfield. He was spreading it around everybody. So I think he could actually be a more efficient quarterback. Without gaining Brown around and that might be whistling past the graveyard because I know how great he is. But I think fact, I think he you know, he's his performance will determine how how far they going in. Is it always does? Tony, I love the term addition by some traction and use it. I'd probably use it way too much. And I really think it's gonna be if you brought something up to me about four seeing the ball to Antonio Brown. And if I'm not mistaken every interception. The Ben through last year with the exception of the pick six that he threw in the Cincinnati game that was not being played by Tonio Brown. But I believe almost every intersection was going to an Tonio if I'm not mistaken. And that's something that I guess you ought to get our our stat guy date Scofield in on that. But I think that's pretty much the case with you agree. Yeah. I think somebody mentioned that it was during the season or right after the season that that the the vast majority anyway of interceptions Ben through last year where passes to an Tonio Brown. And if you if you look back with your minds, I I think that's pretty accurate. I mean, there were a lot of a lot of interceptions were Antonio was the target. So so I think that I think that that holds a lot of water. I think it would be safe to say about ninety to ninety five percent. I know of one that wasn't. And it was the the crucial one. They were they were up pretty big in the first half against the Los Angeles chargers and he under through a ball two. Vance McDonald I could actually picture that right now that's just popped into my head. But I think pretty much every other one was going ABC's way. So. So is this. We talk about the window being shot, and we're not talking about that this week. How much did you do? To go ahead and replace replace AB at this time, or is it's contingent on them getting a quality number two receiver. Well, I think I mean, I think you have to find an adequate replace, and you're not gonna find in Tonio, of course, you know, trying to find Jerry Rice. But if you, you know, you're not I think it's important for people to route ten no, they're not gonna lose one hundred receptions, if Antonio Brown's not here, but if you can find seventy receptions or sixty five or seventy five that might be enough to to take the pressure off of juju. And then if you know if you could find a decent slot receiver, which you know, either Rogers might be that guy or James Washington might be that guy..

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