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To the scales F. So That's an F court and the five court is a cheap, so it's a G chord. Now in blues, you have a 57 because you had the seventh Like when you build a G chord, it's G B and D the notes and the seven of that If you go from G and count seven notes up its F so a blues progression. The five court is almost always a 57 or it's very common to add the seventh Of the five court. Does that make sense? Yes, you know, and and and sometimes we lose sight of it in the blues because we're so locked into the great Blues guitars Yes of the genre. But there's so many great keyboard people and not to diminish horns when they're used on all that right, but a B three organ Plays well, buy a blues musician just kills and kills rights. There's no doubt it's got that sort of ringing. Humming sound. The Hammond B. Yeah, it's just incredible of 303713 85 85 on the text line. 56690 We're talking music. We're talking first jobs. If you want to share yours, Jack was Back in the day laying asphalt in Cleveland. I do not still I can imagine that was incredible. Like you said, to stay in shape for football, which you were involved with is a young person and in college But even painting even in the Bay Area summers in some of the suburbs where I'm from north of San Francisco, we painted all over the Bay area. I mean, if you're not actually in San Francisco. I mean, it can get hot, You know, nineties regularly in the Bay Area and in remember the first time I went through, you know, across the bridge or through one of the tunnels and It was like he went to a different world in the Bay Area in terms of the temperature difference between downtown San Francisco and especially when you went East you known and it was like, Wow. Yeah, it gets hot like Antioch Martinez, and that's considered the Bay Area Martinez sort of the northeast part of the bay. It can get toasty in Contra Costa County right out of you, No doubt by the way for again from the 805 Maybe Mike and Rick can put a project together and call it the spirit of radio. Can I Can I share a a bucket list item? Sure, seriously, to sit in with the Rick Lewis project. I mean, it's like I don't want to embarrass them because I would run that risk that would be like that's a music bucket list for me, and I've sort of talk to Rick about that. I've never quite put it in those terms. But but just between us well, while he's out, doing whatever he's doing this week, I'll share that. That would be a serious bucket list item you know, and into Ricks credit. It's not like he makes ah, huge deal about it, but to Be in the music business. Besides, you know, being the lead guy on the Fox and, of course, now doing this show with David Cathy. But You know, in in the local circles of musicians here in the Denver area, Ricks got chopped. He's pretty good, good chop, and I will say this And it's not because I love Rick and it's not because we're friends. I have seen the Rick Lewis project. I am telling you if they put on a great great show, and I love live music, I absolutely I I follow just various genres. Jazz country, contemporary Christian some rock. Not as much. I'm certainly not the aficionado that Rick is not what you are with blues. I love Ah! A cross section of music, and I'm telling you, the Rick Lewis project is really I mean, they do an awesome job, and I'm not saying it because because Rick is with us, and we're friends and all the rest. It's true showed music really is good music and like you said, I mean, Rick will never That I would never sing his own praises. He's a terrific drummer. He does it in unbelievable job of being able to lead from the drums but also let Sarah his lead singer Brian, one of his Brian and Michael or the base and guitarist, I can't remember what the horn buckles but He does a really good job of letting giving people their space and letting them shine but also being the leader of the group, which you have to have, and I cannot say enough good things about his group. It's It's really the The case. All right from the 719 1st Real job was working at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Unique, challenging and interesting place to work right on the beach. I say it that way, Jack because I have great memories of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a kid. Well and from the 330 they must be either They're listening to us on the eye. Hard app, which you can get everywhere or they're a transplant. But the 330 is in Ohio. Ah area code, and they were time but rapping silverware for the AA. For a restaurant in Sugar Creek, Ohio. And and I bet Buckeye Grant knows I've been to the Dutch valley. Yeah. Is it just like a family restaurant? Is that what it is like a down home family cracker barrel tight like a cracker barrel? Well, in in that area, people may may not realize it out here if they not been there, and there are Levels in terms of how strict they are, but that's Amish country. Really? Yeah, that's you know, That's why it's called ah, the Dutch Valley restaurant because, you know they're You know, Splinter group way back when splinter groups of the Pennsylvania Dutch and, of course, the little quick history for people. They're not..

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