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What's inside matters. Most shell Rotella the engine works as hard as you. Kevin lines the president of anchor funding. Kevin I love every day. I tell our listeners about you saving people hundreds of dollars a month. And I just imagine how excited people must be when they get that amazing news Mike Zurich excited. But no one near as excited as we all we could save them that kind of money. In fact, we just help some listeners combined. They first mortgage thirty two thousand dollars a pint credit card debt into one low payment. I setting up a four hundred dollars a month. I mean that was to such a huge help do they win that family went into your office and called you the first time did they expect to save that much? You think I don't think they did? But I tell you when we were able to get this done for them. And they saw the payment they would just so happy, and we ought to. It's awesome. So make your own success story. Call Kevin linesmen donor for nineteen years right here in southern California. One eight hundred three three three fifty one fifty seven one eight hundred three three three fifty one fifty seven or anchorfunding Donna equal housing lender. California bureau of real estate broker number zero one seven six zero eight seven three six four nine qualify. Rings pursuant to the department of business oversight, California finance lenders law, sir up. Why don't you pop up? A pup tent Lexus Carlsbad parking lot. I want to be the first in line to get the all new Lexus ES, did you know, it's the class leading hybrid model with forty four miles per gallon. Oh, well, that's nicer, but the dealership doesn't open for two more out. And look on the first line. You're the only one online no need to camp out. Just walk into Lexus Carlsbad today and choose from San Diego county's largest selection of. The all new Lexus. Visit Lexus Carlsbad dot com today. Who knows what's gonna happen on Thursday mornings? Armstrong and Getty show, the hearing with Ford and cavenaugh or is that on things are moving swiftly. You have to just listen to us every single day. That is the only sane option. Every minute. Actually, I'm begging us a story changes minute by minute. Plus, we'll have all the other stories of the day stuff that actually affects your life. Hope you can check it out. The Armstrong and Getty show. Armstrong and Getty, five AM to ten AM on AM, seven sixty talk and breaking news. It's Red Eye Radio. I'm Gary McNamara along with Eric Harley. Eight six six ninety redeye this hour for Freightliner run smart, helping you run more efficiently as Freightliner's number one goal..

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