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Do. Firing itself in a competitive, compartmentalized space, not knowing where the source of the fire is, like anything else. It's dark. It's uncertain but again the training on the efforts we're starting to see the results. Hadley, 17 sailors and four civilians were injured. Former special counsel Robert Mueller defended his Russia investigation in a Washington post op ed saying Despite Roger Stone's commutation, he remains a convicted felon. CBS's Katherine Harris reports. The op Ed Maley did Miller appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has focused his investigation on early 2017 and when the FBI knew there were problems with this deal, dossier And that it likely contained Russian disinformation. Having the former special counsel Robert Mueller testified, could help explain whether those red flags were acted on or dismissed. A new CBS News battleground tracker poll looks at three states that has been experiencing a spike in Corona virus Arizona, Texas and Florida. But find some good news for President Trump. CBS news elections and surveys Director Anthony Salvato voters across the board tell us that the economy is still important for President Trump's base. They feel that his economic policies are more likely to help the economy recover, then to hinder it. The other thing he's got going for him is enthusiasm. His voters enthusiastic and they say they're voting for him. Whereas Joe Bynes voters have more of an opposition to President Trump Will you marry me Apart on poor Pope Francis says he is paying by the decision by Turkey to change the status of the beloved highest Sofia was originally built in Istanbul's a Christian cathedral. It.

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