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Of the story about Johann, Omar the Minnesota congresswoman, the, the anti Semite who always taken the side of terrorists in congress is so it looks like she married her brother. But, but, but, but, but, but before you before you're thinking. Alabama joke. I'm not gonna make it all Bama Joe. I'm not gonna make it help you. But before you before you're thinking, like something, something, like inappropriate relationship wise. No, apparently, it was just trying to get around immigration law. Yes, it appear. So multiple news L is now picking this, I was not aware of the story, but some conservative outlets have been pounding the drum on this for a couple of years following her rise in Minnesota. So it does very much appear that her she. Married. Her brother than claim to file for divorce saying he disappeared. She didn't know anything about him where he was didn't know who his family was didn't know how to contact him. And yet based on all the descriptions, we know he matches the address of someone who lived at her home, growing up in so has a relationship with her sister and built the website for the whole, they get very, very bizarre. But if you'll recall she was found to file taxes, joint taxes, with someone who is not legally. Her husband at the time she was married to this guy, and that got reporters to digging, and it looks like there's something there, there. Now, I, I wanna tie together several stories here before we get into the student loan issue. Trust me here. I'm a professional I can tie these together. The number one is this story. So if you check out certain conservative media, let's going back to well before two thousand eighteen as she was charging her rise in Minnesota politics. Conservatives were writing about this issue that divorce documents appeared to show that the person she was married to his brother, it appeared that this was because of immigration rules are coming into the country. Try to make it easy for her to get citizenship into the United States and conservative rated this flag. The media now this week is treating it as new that largely because the newspapers in Minneapolis Saint Paul. Are writing about how she poor day crisis committee of people to intimidate journalists into writing about this order to, to intimidate them into a voiding writing about the story and suddenly, this is new to them. Now, the second story is Joe Biden and Joe Biden's history on race and cutting deals with segregationists in the Senate, and singing their praises including the praises of people like Strom Thurmond and others back in the day. The media treats all of this is new, this was all happening before two thousand eight when he ran for president this was all happening before he was the sitting vice president of the United States. And suddenly, it's new to the media. They're covering this as if they've never heard it before the third is the story of what's happening in the detention facilities along the southern border. These things go back decades. The in particular the video, as I mentioned this being Turkey located by journalists. The video is actually from a court case. Involving something that happened in two thousand fifteen with the Obama administration. All of these things are being treated as brand new to the American media. And the reason is because they're doing the bidding of progressives. They're not doing the bidding of the American people. They're not paying attention to stories that might harm Democrats. And so if you only pay attention to the to the mainstream media, you're only just now hearing about these stories, which is very, very interesting to me. But this goes now into a completely unrelated story, that is student loans..

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