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I mean unbelievably and profitability huge gigantic but that that required a remarkable level of patients among the investor class And there was a belief that that jeff bezos was going to get there. He was sort of given dispensation away. Frankly that most companies don't have to make these kind of long term investments to lose money for as long as he did and along the way it's worth noting that while you and i and most people think of amazon as a prime membership or something that brings you packages to your home. A huge part of the business developed in the middle of it called aws which is offensively a cloud service which is actually the most profitable part of that business in l. Helped to some degree subsidize the rest of everything else allow back to the build and grow but do people some people. I guess this is true. As i say it i realize it must be true of some folks. They look at the amazon story. And i think back well you know. I thought that lots of people thought of amazon dot com as amazon dot com as you mentioned and now when i have an investment opportunity with the specter. Something that's new and different as amazon was at the time. And it's not profitable and there's no near-term expectation profitability. I think to myself well. This could be the next amazon. And i could be an easy street and early retirement if i put all my money in this. How often does that happen. I mean that's the you're you're speaking. The american dream is the american dream but in many ways amazon was the shoot the moon american dream and it succeeded and the truth is that so. Many of the other companies that also had no earnings or revenue. Back then disappeared and went bankrupt and so it is very hard to really be able to choose and be able to identify accompany at that early stage as a winner the venture capital model. Is you know effectively. Most of the investments are going to fail. And you're effectively trying to you're hoping a couple of your investments are grand slam home runs Because the rest of them united me get to first base.

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