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So attributed figured out as a civilised show i i went out and addict his profile and a figure out who's settlers her a bushman how dare set looked to fix the palestinian ah but it's your refugee look how deep to do this somehow he broke the ice have start to tabuk about them a ugh putin bucket fritz for europe ready was a settler problem so you're not supposed to be part of this will do for and he told me it will order udl contested on a i want to be dropped turn you come and visit me my place within the week no we beat glitches were to resume the first thing is like i didn't see that god is even dished them it the talked with go goalie the settler the second thing is i was sure scared because the only image that they have it above the settlers beeping with god's just want to me this would the only food that come to my mind leg he want to trap him because he wanted drug mucus a place on broadly birmanie kill me but i was seriously spirit don't blame me for this this is how how the image of grow up with me when a living in such placed of such gutters sukur such community under such roope so a dilemma i can't i can meet you anymore then you can mitchell you do want to come to my list tuesday afflicts norbert by but telling me lectures up loose we want to come to wipe which looked to his please somehow i start do we lists soon know concert sounds like a guy that's really trying to take a girl out okay gone girls what we what we something if you don't have a problem with him what which showed the what about the one spot the problem is the one who can make this would who for so i told him uh ability to think of obscure that i'm concerned that an what he wants and also curious.

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