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Thirty one years and his industry there was a report recently for instance it said that if you factored inflation into account over half the town's in england with i see selling for less than they were before the loss financial crash and that's again sometimes that we don't put the cost of money into our analysis so for example if our house sold for ex if it's on the market for accidents had later oh yeah unites the same level but of course that ten years it you know you could have been doing other things with the amani a lot of other things in fact an we never factor inflation into a house prices absolute let's ask you about something else they which are wing sort of talking about in my in my business news but and this is this is something that we're seeing unpaid at nearly third rather of british people feel that buying property is the safest form of investment what is this relationship that we the british have with real estate why is it that we feel so comfortable about is it because it's bricks mortar mccann said is it because we've been burned seventy times by other forms of investment that we know that there's an alternative you could live in it you could rented out i think nights that is 100 percent the case if we look back at the end element scandal if we look back at what happened people's pensions a few years ago i think which investors in particular we see in london they love bricks and mortar they loved about to touch it whereas maybe other investors from from different nations are hearing into different types of investment movie skew investments let me ask you a little bit about your business so that.

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