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Same time. Call right now. Eight hundred two one five six eight one to eight hundred two one five six eight one to eight hundred two one five six eight one two. That's eight hundred two one five sixty eight twelve. It's baseball season. And you're ready to go all out. So you've ordered the essentials to make game day a success like jersey a power recliner been a bigger screen. And you used your bank of america customize cash rewards credit card choosing to earn three percent cashback on online shopping rewards that you've put toward an essential piece of the celebration of life or yours at bank of america dot com slash more rewarding copyright twenty twenty one bank of america corporation. You were listening to wrestling. Observer live with bryan alvarez and mike zimmer. vv on the sports byline broadcasting network show. I was so busy dealing with the chat. But you didn't set up the phone so no phone calls right now. I don't need to hear from honolulu. Anyway tell me about how cool. Poppy is cool bro. I don't have a problem with poppy. I said i don't get it. i admit it. I'm a boomer announced exte- just baffled by this show you want to open one line just for. I'm bathroom to call in at end. The funny thing is like hunters doing this with the regal and hunter is funding all over. Poppy okay. oh we love your music. Oh it's so great. We're so happy you're here then. He's baffled that she's able to release some songs from her phone. Like this guy is granny could probably figure that out. That guy's definitely a boomer boomer is actually not a boomer. I'm an xer barely within a few years from being a millennial but thankfully. I missed that. One millennial alright being an extra gen z home landers or wherever they call him home landers. Yeah don't worry about it. He's the one that's because of the nine eleven thing so anyway then we had a number moon to koci. Didn't see it. But i was told it when like fifteen minutes. There was distraction. Finish to q. I'm like god anything else sir. One match that didn't that way that wasn't worthless like every every match the needed something. There was a cure running in this. What wrestling is now. No to stop on rise. Now now i see on t louis. It's mac cardona running in with a hood on his head to ddt. Nick gage not having it by the way. Did you ever think that zack. Ryder will be the one trying to come to your legacies defense by being the one to put bullets in nick age or pretty sure. And he's gonna. He's going to face a a rough reality when he gets in there with a gauge. Voluntee- does it. You want to. Texas forty-five seventy zero seven. Five six six or brian wrestling observer dot com. What's on your mind. Today i want to hear about it. Got a new Match for dynamite. On friday by the way this is the full lineup for the show. There's a lot while simultaneously not being a lot. it's weird. we had mural and evil for the title. We got the young bucks and brandon cutler of kingston park and pinta. That should be awesome. Hey man and ten brain cajun powerhouse. Hobbs christian will face an helio. Lance storm will face jack evans on this show. Cody rhodes will make an announcement. Darby and steelmaking announcement. The pinnacle will speak lance. Archer will be inaction and neither rose will destroy layla hirsch. I don't mean to to speak to you know pragmatically here and and you know even headed but You know everybody out there choosing aside right now. Both men are right. Okay just just putting that out there bryan can speak on this better. He knows both but You know both of things that they've said they both are correct in what they have said. Well what happened is everyone has their own experiences. And let me tell you. One thing about jack evans experiences. I never touched him in the ring. I was light as a feather with that youngster. Now rapid toss for everybody else that he's talking about diamond timothy flowers. Maybe i don't mention any names. Nwa pay per view heading to saint louis missouri for two pay per views in august. One of which will be an all women's affair produced by mickie james saturday august twenty. Eighth at name for the show has not been announced. Mickey is notice. She's not wrestling on the show. Which i find disappointing. She should be wrestling on that show. He's awesome and august twenty nine from the chase ballroom. Nwa seventy three anniversary show tribute to the original home of the nwa. And sam mushnik also. Tv tapings monday august thirtieth tuesday august thirty first corgan did not mention whether fans will be in attendance but it is assumed they will be. What's the point of going to the chase ballroom. If you're not gonna have fans there really and you'd better have a dress code to the whole point of the chase ballroom. Was you know people would come in there on these white tablecloths on the tables and people would be dressed up in their suits and everything i would. If gonna do this you might as well do the whole static. Exact same thing. I talked about when it came to the showtime showed that was lacking in comparison to trailer because they took this wack kid complete wacky completely ridiculous thing and sucked the life out of. It seems sorta way here if you're gonna do this and and go to the keel in playoff history and everything you might as well go with the full of static and it is close as she could to the original and make sure that everybody is actually dressed to the nines and in their best gear and it will actually be. It'll be interesting. I don't know what they can do to really rally any attention at all. I forgot there was a pay per view this past sunday. It wasn't for the mayweather. Paul paper you. I probably wouldn't have even paid attention to it. Unfortunately so you know and again. It's not because. I don't wanna care or anything like that. It's just there's so many things out there it's tough for people to keep up with everything and once you know all everything happened. The nwa and things started to go south. They've never been able to get it back and i'm not sure if they can. I says i want cameron grimes to win the million dollar belt but it seems like this is a gimmick for a. He'll it feels like cameron. Grimes has been sort of like a baby. Face during the feud with l. a. night well as noted virgil did win the million dollar belt. So i mean whether it's a baby healy's millionaire some fellow here said we don't we don't We can't relate to millionaires. Well some of us can Cool boaters think. It's gonna be good. Brian's person is rav is definitely a terrible show not only the beginning of the end but drew talked about robert. The bruce for fifteen hours. I'm glad is chief almost over with it's winner. Take all match. I personally hate feels like extreme w booking for anyone failing to lose three belts i hate it with all my heart but i want to win also came grind says when the sunday. I don't know if i will watch t ever again. Well jeez i mean come on. If he doesn't win. I presume he'll win later. How.

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